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Blessings, do you see them?

We all have blessings in our lives, sometimes the blessings are big and those are nice but sometimes they might be little blessings we miss because we are too busy to see them, or are so focused on the negative that we can't see the positive.        Sometimes the blessing might be a redbird right when I feel like I want to give up, a hug or I love you from a grandchild.  It might be someone bringing supper after I had surgery, a card, flowers from online friends, or a surprise package from a friend just to brighten my day.  It might be a picture a friend posted on my facebook wall, a rainbow on a rainy day, a phone call from a long ago friend. These are some of the blessings I have had recently.      What are your blessings?  I don't know, do you?  Are you so focused on what you need or what you want; what someone did or didn't do;how things are going or not going?  For me redbirds are a sign from God for me that He is there, that He cares, that someones loves me, tha…

Why I love my hubby Part 2

Last month Istarted  a new series on the blog and linking it up with Happy Wives Club.  The second Thursday of each month I'll be listing 10 reasons why I love my hubby.  If you would like be a part of this series,  head over to Happy Wives Club and get all the details.
     I am doing this early as I am having surgery and not sure how I will feel so here is part 2.....

Why I love Billy-Reasons 11-20
11) He is going with me to my biopsy on my lungs and told me no matter what is shows we will get through         it together and he will help me whatever I face. 12) He wants to spend time with me 13) He likes to find little ways to make me happy, like making me a glass of tea or Dr Pepper 14) He listens to me even when he could care less what I am talking about 15) He lets me vent 16) He always takes up for me 17) He likes to watch Dr Quinn Medicine Woman with me 18) He likes us to eat together as a family 19) He teases me about Uncle Si but knows that he is my number 1 20) H…