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Random Friday Thoughts: About Life and Being Still!

Today is random thoughts Friday on the blog.....
    I have been thinking a lot about life, my life. I have talked to several people about different things.  Everyone of them had something to say and what I should do, say or feel.  I have been so confused about everything and really just not knowing what to do.  
    I was reading something in a bible plan I was reading and it hit me that this is the problem in itself.  I have been talking to several people and all people are different so I got lots of ideas.  I have been so full of everyone's ideas that there was no room for mine or even more importantly Gods. 
    I am not saying it is bad to seek counsel but you have to be careful where you seek counsel cause sometimes counsel is hidden in I am nosy and want to get ammo to gossip about you.  
    Another thing I have learned is that some people will never like you no matter what you do or say.  Some people will pretend they like you but they are really using you.  Then there are if…

Days of Journey of Life, Book Reviews, Homeschool and Life and More!

I am going to be making some changes here on the blog.  I am going to be blogging more but I will be having days I blog about certain things and then a random day when you never know what I will blog about.  I just wanted to share so ya'll would kind of know where I am headed and what you don't want to miss. There might be a day where I don't post anything but I will be posting more than in the past.  I hope ya'll will enjoy what I have to post about. Monday: will be updates with my family and anything we have going to in our life.  It could be personal, church, or just anything we have going on.  
Tuesday:  I will be doing my "Journey Through Life" posts.  It could be anything that is about growing in life or life experiences in spiritual, physical or emotional.  It could be about being an older lady,mother, grandmother, marriage, christianity etc Wednesday: This will be the day for book reviews or things going on with any Book Launch Team I am on.  It…

Misplaced and Found-Book Reviews of Books I Lost But Glad I Found-What Will You Think?

I from time to time get to be on book launch teams or review books in exchange for reading the book and giving my honest opinion.  I really enjoy doing this and I try really hard to do them on time in a timely manner.  I try I said but somehow through some moving things around and changing things the book review for these 2 books never got posted.  I feel bad about not completing this as I had committed but am going to do the best I can and post them now.  So here goes.....

 Book 1--is a book for the little ones in your life.It is called The Play-Along Bible.  This is a wonderful book for the little ones, it teaches them about God but also to use their imagination through play.  Sometimes getting little ones to sit still long enough to learn a lesson is hard.  This book teaches them but lets them play and so they learn without having to be still. Whether it’s acting out the dawn of creation by making a funny fish face or belting out a giant roar while pretending to be a ferocious…

Journey Through Life-Putting all the Pieces of our Puzzle together Correctly

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle-family, friends, jobs, commitments, even enemies are all pieces of your life.  When you are putting a puzzle together, you can't just scatter the pieces any where you please and put it together. You have to try and form smaller sections and then put the smaller pieces together to form bigger and bigger sections until the whole puzzle is put together.        If you put pieces in the wrong places then the puzzle can't be put together right.  If you try to put job pieces in family pieces, it won't work.  If you try to put enemies in your friends places it won't fit, problem is that sometimes they look the same but they are not so it is hard to figure out which is which.  Sometimes the enemies smile in your face as much as friends. How do you know which is which?      What about God pieces?  Do you try to fit the God pieces in where you want or where He wants them to fit in your life best?  Or do you look for where God wants to be in your …

Journey Through Life:I AM EMPTY!

I have been feeling so empty inside lately.  I talked to several people and they all told me you need to do something because you can't pour from an empty cup.  I tried every way I could to fill it back up.  It seemed that nothing was working and I just felt worse and worse because I was so empty.
     Then finally someone said to me, "yes you are empty, but you say it like it is a bad thing but it's not."  I was confused but they told me, "you can't fill your cup no matter how much you try."  They said, "Go to the Lord, pray, read His word and let Him fill your cup." She said empty was exactly what I needed to be so the Lord could fill my cup.       Sometimes it is not that we are empty but rather we are so full of ourselves, the world and all that there is no room left for the Lord or what He has for us.  I still am not where I need to be and I still fill kind of empty but that is just fine with me.  I have plenty of room for the Lo…

Girls Day Out! McDonald and Beauty & the Beast

Today was girls day out, my granddaughters Nonna made them Belle dresses and bun wraps, Jenny and I gave them new "American Girl" dolls.  We met a friend and her daughter at McDonald's for lunch and then went to the movies to see "Beauty and the Beast."
     Yes, I watched the reviews and checked on more than one sight before we went.  However, no matter who wrote or said those reviews what they said is just their opinion.  Well, this is my opinion.  It is not the cartoon version, it is live action but I did not see any of the "gay" moments that everyone was having a fit about.  It does have the inter-racial couples at the end but to be honest our girls did not notice them at all.  We asked if they had any questions about the movie and they said no. I really enjoyed it and will most likely buy the DVD when it comes out.
     This is my opinion and once you actually watch it, if you do, you may have a different opinion.  I am okay with that bu…

Prayers for A Simpler Life (A Book Review)

I started reading about Amish people and lifestyles when I was very young and always have been fascinated.  Later I learned of the Mennonites and am now equally fascinated with both. Their lives  are lived as in a simpler time that we as a general rule no longer live in. I remember  as a child  though we were not Mennonites, we had none of the technology that we have now, like microwaves, cell phones, or even a dryer.  Yet my Moma had time to spend with God and family.  She had time to spend visiting  and help others.  Nowadays we have so much that helps  us do things faster, save time and energy and yet we have no time or energy for anything, not even God. The Mennonites even though we don't think they have hardly
 anything, their life is formed around those very things we don't have time for.  What if we followed the leading of this book and let God come first?
     Through this book you can once a day, let Faith Sommers, a Mennonite mother lead you in a short time of dev…

Listen for Heart Drops, Scatter Kindness, Be a Blessing

I had the privilege of being  on the launch team for an amazing book a few months ago.  I learned so much from reading the book and being on the launch team.  The author really not only wrote this but she lives it out in her life and shows you how to also to listen for heartdrops and scatter kindness.
     Imagine my delight when I opened my email recently and discovered that there is going to be a bible study from the bible but using this book in conjunction with it,  You can bet I signed up immediately.  If you would check it out you can go here:

    You can go here to learn about the study and also there is a contest to win not only one copy of this wonderful book but to win 4 copies.  You can do the bible study and also share it with 3 of your friends.  There is also another prize you will hear about too.      In this announcement she also talks about heart drops.  You will hear these heart drops if only you…

Thankful Tuesday

I have a friend who is trying to build her blog likes so she started doing Thankful Tuesday on her blog.  I was going to do a post just to help her out.  However when I got ready to do it, I was like wow, this is really good.  I have so much to be thankful for so why not share it.  We are quick to share negativity and controversy but how often do we share blessings and thankfulness.  I think I will start doing this every Tuesday and I hope some of you might join me too.

Sometimes you may think you have nothing to be thankful for but there is always something if you look.

Sometimes just a cup of hot tea is so nice.  I am so thankful when my son makes me a hot cup of tea to enjoy while I am reading my bible.  This may not seem like much but.... I have heard I have nothing to be thankful for.  You don't understand.  No one does anything for me.  Nobody cares about me.  I don't feel good, I have so much going on.  Well, then if that is all true and I wonder if it truly is th…

Simple Woman's Daybook for March 6,2017

Looking out my windowIt is a cool dreary night but the kind of night I actually enjoy sometimes, it is like the world is crying and preparing for another day and another chance
I am thinkingI have so much laundry that needs to be folded.  I read something today that made me think.  This lady said instead of complaining about the laundry, she used it to pray.  She prays for the person whose laundry it is.  She prays for the home that God has given her and the family she is blessed to have.  It will make you rethink your laundry and life.

I am thankfulthat when we step back and let go, God will truly move in and work in a way we never could imagine or do

One of my favorite thingsis to write letters and get happy mail.  Excited to be getting back into having "penpals" again

I am creating a classroom for the kids where it will be a place they want to come and not a place they dread, this will be an ongoing process but hopefully fully ready by next school year

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