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Christmas In My Town!

Everyone is talking about decorating for Christmas.  I have not even got cleaned up from Thanksgiving or  thought of when I will do my decorating.  However downtown is very pretty in lights so I thought I would share a few pictures of my town.  I hope you will enjoy them.  
This is the courthouse which is always decked out from top to bottom.  Another view of courthouse..... We have a tree made of lights that go from top to bottom of the TV tower.  You can drive around the building and go completely underneath the tree all the way around.  Many do this every year, there have been dances and proposals and more underneath this tree.  Some went under the tree, like my kids as children and now get to share it with their own.  This picture shows the view if you are underneath looking up. I hope you have enjoyed this short picture visit to my town at Christmas time.  Share you town on your blog, comment and let me know and I will come visit yours too.
God bless, Pat

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family! Hug your family, thank the Lord for them and be safe! God bless, Pat

I am adopting a should too......

I was listening to the radio and they were talking about adopting a child in another country.  They were talking about how you could write them letters, help support them, and make a difference in a child's life.  Now, let me say up front, there is nothing wrong with some of these programs but God has led me in another direction.  I want to share the burden God has laid on my heart and I hope some of you might join me in adopting a child in God's program He showed to me.
     What God said to me was should adopt a child in a foreign country and I was confused at first but then He said, Yes a missionary child.  I asked God what He wanted me to do.  When a missionary surrenders to the Mission's field, the family goes also.  There are so many changes for the whole family including the kids (and wives).  So this is what I am going to do, Stephen and I are adopting a Missionary our church supports kids.  We are going to send cards, little thought gifts and tre…

Papaw and Grands!

Papaw and the grands.....they are storing up loves before the kiddos leave for vacation.  They are going to visit Jenny's family for Thanksgiving.  It sure will be quiet with out these three and little Jet  for a few days.  I am so glad they get to go but will be counting the hours til they are back here with us.  I always loved my grandparents but being the grandparent is even better. I hope all of ya'll get some family time this holiday season too.
God bless, Pat

Redbirds and God!

I have always loves cardinals or redbirds as I just called them.  I always thought they were so beautiful.  I went to a yardsale one time and I saw a book called "Redbirds, Rubies and Rainbows". Though I had never heard of the author, for a quarter, I thought it might be pretty good so I bought it. This book changed my life.

     I so many times felt alone and like God had forgot about me or wasn't hearing my prayers.  Little did I know, the number one problem was that I was not saved.  In this book, Mrs. Evans talks about her love of redbirds but not just the ones that fly.  To her redbirds are little blessings from God, it might be an unexpected blessing, an answered prayer or God showing her a real redbird right when she needed a touch from Him.  I started seeing all the "redbirds" in my own life, including a sweet lady named Carol Bridges who helped me to see I was not saved though I had made a profession as a child and led me to the Lord.  So many ti…

Autumn Simple Woman's Daybook October 9, 2012

FOR TODAY---Tuesday October 9th

Outside my window...the sun is shining, a little cool, so a really nice fall day

I am thinking...what will my tests show tomorrow when I get results?

I am thankful...for friends who have been praying and encouraging me

In the kitchen...I really need to buy groceries badly

I am wearing...bluejeans and Bible Baptist bible school tshirt

I am creating...memories with the grands

I am take T to soulwinning later

I am I am ever going to get caught up

I am bible and Frazzled Momas devotions

I am hoping...that I will be okay and the tests will not show cancer

I am looking forward to...spending time with the grands at Candy Carnival this weekend 

I am learning...that I need to spend more time listening to God

Around the much that needs to be done, laundry, need I say more?

I am pondering...the words....Live like you are dying, what do you do when you get the news?

A favorite quote for today...Let my words be Gods…

Fall, hot tea and potato soup

     I  love fall.....sitting on the front porch swinging, watching the leaves blow and drinking hot tea.  I also start to think about soup, chili and things like that for supper.  One of my favorite soups is potato soup from my friend and neighbor's recipe.  I have tried several but this one is even better tasting and SO simple to make.  It gets better and better as you reheat if there is any left to reheat.  I usually make a double batch as all my family loves it.      I am Sharing the recipe below, let me know what you think if you try it.....
Deb's Potato Soup
5# to 10# Potatoes
1-2 sticks Margarine
1-2 pkgs. Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits
1-2 cups Milk
Salt & Pepper (to your taste)
Minced onions~dried (to your taste)

Sour Cream
Grated Cheddar Cheese
Chives/Green Onions
More Real Bacon Bits, if you like

Peel & cube potatoes (not too small, they'll cook down some) Boil till totally done...add stick margarine, milk, bacon bits, minced onions, salt & p…

To love it to......

God bless, Pat

The Simple Woman's Kitchen and Garden for September 2012

I have done The Simple Woman's Daybook off and on for awhile now.  This month she started a couple of new things.  One of them is called The Simple Woman's Kitchen and Garden.  You can share recipes,the way you decorate your kitchen, pictures or ideas for gardens etc.        I had to go to a meeting recently and had to carry a vegetable but it also had to contain apples.  I looked and looked and finally decided to cook this recipe and let me tell you I will be cooking it again as it was really good.  It is a wonderful fall recipe to I am sharing it with ya'll-hope you like it too.....  Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Apples
 Ingredients:4 pounds sweet potatoes, cooked, peeled, sliced (about 8 cups sliced)1/3 cup butter or margarine 2 large apples, peeled, cored and diced1/2 cup apple juice1/4 cup brown sugar1 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon pepperdash cinnamon, to taste, optional Preparation: Melt butter in a large saucepan or Dutch oven and cook apples until tender. Add the…

The Simple Woman's Daybook for September 14, 2012

For Today, September 14, 2012 Outside my window...The sun is shining but rain and cooler temps are possible :)
I am thinking...I need to be finishing supper-Tacos for supper  I am thankful that cares all the time not just when they want something
I am work on some projects after supper is eaten and cleaned up
I am wearing...capris and tshirt I am noticing...that I am forget alot easier lately  In the kitchen...tacos tonight and deer roast with veggies for tomorrow night
I am and frazzled Moma devotions  I am wondering...if I will ever get caught up on housework  I am hoping...I can get through testing my son this week
I am looking forward to..getting projects done and in mail
Around the house..the sounds of grands  I am pondering these words...peace,joy, contentment
One of my favorite tea and anything chocolate
A few plans for the rest of the week...blessing my house, caring for grands, working on school stuff and church projects and…

Hairbows, giveaway and awareness.....

I am hosting a giveaway on my facebook blogpage.  It is to help my DIL who is making hairbows, to raise awareness for some illnesses and diseases and to raise some money.....go check it out on my page at
     My bow is leukemia for my Daddy, what will yours be for if you win?

God bless,

Don't wait for "Let me Know"!

I have been talking to some of my friends and family about life and how busy it seems.  We are so busy living life that sometimes I wonder if we are living.  We get so busy sometimes with things that we lose people.
     Have you ever had a friend that you knew was going through something traumatic and you looked at them and said something like, "I am here for you", "Just let me know if I can do anything"? I have done it many times.  But, how many times do you actually do something, do anything?  This was brought to my attention recently and boy it made me think.
     Maybe if we just gave them a hug, sent a card, made the phone call.  Maybe we could just mow the grass we see needs mowing, pick up the paper that is piling up in the yard, drop off some groceries,or so much more.  Instead of asking, "What can I do"?  Do SOMETHING.  Sometimes they may not be even able to think what they need.
     Also, for you the situation may go away in a few days b…

Mamaw's Grands and The Razorbacks!

I had never really gotten into football but then I had sons.  My guys love football.  They might not can agree on all teams but they definitely do when it comes to The Arkansas Razorbacks-nothing like home state team pride.
     It is carrying down to the next generation too, 3 of the four pictured above can already call the Hogs....WoooooPigSooooie, Go Razorbacks.  Now I love my Razorbacks but I think I love the four little Hog fans just a little more( okay so a lot more).
     I am not sure how the team will do this year but I know four little fans, Daddy and Uncle too who will be cheering them on.  But how could they do bad with four such cuties out there rooting them on. Just like no matter what they do or where they go in life, Mamaw will be rooting for them.
God bless,

Simple Woman's Daybook for August 26, 2012

For Today, August 26, 2012... Outside my window...The sun is shining but storms are predicted for tonight
I am thinking...I would like to runaway but can Mamaw's do that? :)  I am thankful for...God never giving up on me even when I want to
I am go to church later, I have nursery with the babies
I am wearing...denim skirt and blue shirt
I am noticing...that I am blessed more and more each day  In the kitchen...turkey burgers and chips for supper with the family
I am reading...nothing but the bible right now  I am wondering...if I will ever get caught up  I am hoping...I can get through testing my son this week
I am looking forward tonight
Around the house..lots of blessing that needs to be done  I am pondering these words...none really would like to ponder the sounds of silence :)
One of my favorite tea and anything chocolate
A few plans for the rest of the week...blessing my house, caring for grands, working on school stuff and church projects a…

The winner of the Scentsy Travel tin is.....

The winner of the Scentsy travel tin is.........

     Kim Stell, I will message you and set up a time and place for you to get your Scentsy tin since you are local and congratulations on winning.
     Ladies,who did not win, don't worry I will be having several more drawings here and on my facebook page so keep watching and maybe you will win next time.  Thanks to all who entered.

God bless,

A View From My Window

I saw on a friends blog where she has posted the view from her window.  I thought that would be a fun blogpost to do.  I was thinking a picture of my grands in the pool or playing on their swing or trampoline.  These are things I see in the view from my windows and things I love.
     However that was not what I felt God leading me to post.  God began dealing with my heart with what do I see in the view from my window?  Do I see guys walking by my house who need to pull up their pants, girls who need to dress better?  Do I see the little ones that no one seems to care about?  I was like yes, Lord, I see them. He was like but do you REALLY see them?  Do you see the young men that no one have taught to be men?  Do you see the young ladies that no one has taught self respect?  Do you see the throw away children that needs to know SOMEONE, ANYONE cares?  So He asked again, "What do you see when you look through the view from your window?"
     He then asked me if I could b…

Back to School and Scentsy Giveaway!

I am not sure about where you live but it is almost back to school time.  With Back to school comes stinky gym bags and stuff that end up in your car, wash room etc. My daughter-in-law sells Scentsy and she donated a "Lucky In Love" Scentsy travel tin for one of my blog readers to win.  Will you be Lucky in the contest and win the "Lucky In Love" travel tin.
      You might not even have one in school or you might homeschool like me or maybe you have an empty nest.  It doesn't really matter, all you have to do is tell me why you would like to win this tin for one entry. If you share this on your blog or facebook page I will give you two entries. If you click like on her facebook page you get another entry, her page is

      On Monday August 6th I will draw a winner from all the entries and you will win this prize.  Make sure you leave an email or someway for me…

The Simple Womans Daybook for July 24th

For Today, July 24, 2012...

Outside my window...The sun is shining but not quite as hot as it has been.
I am thinking...of how God has blessed me with 4 wonderful grands, the newest is Jeremiah Elan Tyler Love or Jet for short....he arrived July 19, 2012  I am thankful son Stephen who has been a HUGE help the last week or so.
I am cook a new chicken dish for supper, sure hope it is good.
I am wearing...pj pants and tshirt
I am noticing...that you can never make some people happy but realizing it is not my job  In the kitchen...chicken for supper-the smells of garlic and brown sugar
I am reading....  I am doing a Proverbs 31 study with some friends but am so far behind on this.  I am wondering...if I will be ready for school to start in less than a month.  I am hoping...I can get my home blessed today.
I am looking forward to..naptime for the grands.
Around the house..lots of blessing that needs to be done.
I am pondering these words..."be still and know I am G…

Homemade Samoas Bars

   My daughter in law loves Samoas cookies from Girl Scouts.  But as you know girl scouts cookies are only around for a short time so I started searching for a recipe I could make for her that might come close.  This is the recipe that I think will make her the happiest.  I will let you know in a future blog post how they turned out and what she thinks.  In case you want to try them yourself this is the recipe I will be using.  If you make them, let me know what you and yours think of them.
Homemade Samoas Bars
Cookie Base:
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup butter, softened
1 large egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt

First, make the crust. Preheat oven to 350ºF. Lightly grease a 9×13-inch baking pan, or line with parchment paper. (I lined mine with foil.) In a large bowl, cream together sugar and butter, until fluffy. Beat in egg and vanilla extract. Working at a low speed, gradually beat in flour and salt until mixture is crumbly, like wet sand. The dough does not ne…

The Simple Woman's Daybook for July 8, 2012

For Today, July 8, 2012...

Outside my window...The sun is shining after some much needed rain this morning.
I am thinking...of how I want a Sunday afternoon nap but the grands don't agree.  I am thankful sweet little grands....they love with all their heart and love unconditionally.
I am church for night services in a little bit.
I am wearing...a pink shirt and denim skirt.
I am noticing...that life is moving faster and faster.
In the kitchen...porkchops for our Sunday night family supper.
I am devotions in the mornings.  I also am doing a Proverbs 31 study with some friends.  I am people can be so ugly to others and then stand and proclaim their love for Jesus.  I am hoping...I can be ready for school this fall with my youngest.
I am looking forward youngest grand being born on the 19th of this month.
Around the house..lots of decluttering that needs to be done.
I am pondering these words...bless and be blessed.
One of my f…

Gave it to God and an answer to prayer!

Recently i was really struggling with something.  It really had me down.  I sought counsel, talked to pastor, talked to God and was still just so down.  I tried to say I was giving it to God, but I really wasn't.  I kept struggling and letting it overpower me.

     Then hubby got a call about a possible job.  He is unemployed and has been looking for a job to no avail.  When he got the call about this one, I started praying God would give it to him.  God said why could I ask Him to give Billy a job but yet I could not give Him this problem?  He said why should He help Billy when I would not let Him help me.  Boy this was hard but I gave the burden to God and less than an hour later I was posting on facebook that Billy got the job.

     Now I am still hurt but I am leaving it with God.  I have done what God and pastor asked me to do and now I am moving on and so is hubby to his new job. Praise to God for all, the lifted burden and the job!
God bless,

How To Encourage A Friend!

Do you ever feel down?  Does the devil tell you no one cares?  I know I feel this way sometimes;like no really cares.  Now, I know they do but it is so easy when you are tired, stressed and overwhelmed to start to believe the devils lies.  If we know we feel that way, you can be sure your friends do too.        One way we can combat his lies is to encourage one another.  It says in the bible......we are to edify one another in I Thessalonians 5:11.  Edify, encourage, build up, comfort.  So we know we should do it.  SO how do we do it?  
     Here are a few ideas.....
1}Take a picture (of your friend, of the two of you, of a sign, anything that says them to you). Print it out and write a note telling them specifically how they are making a difference in lives. Mail it to them. 2}Send them a text. 3}Remember their birthday 4} Make  a mindmap.Here’s what that is: Put their name in the middle of a piece of paper. Around it make 5 lists: odd things they do; ways they care about others; objec…

Daily Quiet Time with Kids!

Do you have a daily quiet time with God?  I was talking about this with some friends and they said “ It is hard cause my little ones keep interrupting.”  I started thinking of ways that they could get their quiet time and not be disturbed every two minutes by their kids.  I talked to others and they said they get up early before the kids.  Well at my house as soon as I got started doing something they woke up.  So how can we do it when the kids are up to?  Below are some ideas I came up with or borrowed from others.  I hope some of these ideas might work for you and yours.

*For younger ones have a special "quiet time corner" for the kids. This could include a table and chairs, Bible coloring books, crayons and other art supplies, Bible story books, tapes, puzzles, etc. They can have their own quiet time while you finish yours.

For older ones maybe have some time together with them before everyone goes to have their own quiet time…..
* Memorize scripture with them.
*Pray about co…

A Good Read!

I have a good friend who blogs.  I have been reading her blog for a long time and I have had the privilege of meeting her and her sweet family also.  I  really enjoy her posts and I think some of ya'll might too.  They have also been making me think about some things.  I hope they might help some of ya'll like they help me.  Please go check her out at I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do.  If you like what you read, please comment and let her know.
God bless, Pat

Summer 2012 To Do List...................

I was thinking about the summer and what would I do with it.  I have seen people do a to do list but have never done one.  This summer I decided to one and this is mine. Some are serious, some are silly, but we shall see how many I get done before summer is over…..

1.Watch a sunset
2.Watch a sunrise
3.Have a picnic with my family
4.Go star gazing
5.Have a water balloon fight
6.Blow bubbles with the grands
7.Draw with sidewalk chalk with the grands
8.Do my bible study everyday
9.Have my daily quiet time
10.Write one letter or card a week to someone to encourage them
11.Write at least once a week in my blog
12.Read in a book everyday
13.Go to the museum with Stephen
14.Go to the lake
15.Go swimming every week
16.Go to the zoo with family
17.Swing on the front porch every day
18.Lose 20 pounds
19.Drink more water
20.Walk on treadmill everyday
21.Go get snow cones
22.Go get Slushies
23.Make homemade ice cream
24.Eat together with my family once a week
25.Tell my family I love them e…

Memorial day is not National BBQ day!

Happy Memorial Day and as you enjoy your family, think of all the families not able to celebrate together so that you and yours can.  
God bless, Pat

Life is short, God is good and Hug your family!

This week in our town we had an explosion at an oil field and 3 young men were killed.  They leave behind fiances, wives, kids, family and friends.  It was a freak, unexpected accident but 3 lives were lost and many were changed.
     We were talking at church last night about this.  So many people after tragedies turn to God and to family.  However it lasts a little while and then it goes away again until the next tragedy.  That is so sad to me.  Do we need to wait til a tragedy to love our kids, spouses and friends?  Do we only need God in bad times?
     God is good all the time but sometimes I wonder if we would have so many tragedies if we treated Him better.  Now I am not saying these young men did anything wrong or their families.  I mean us, the world. 
     My prayer is that we will turn to God now, not just in the bad times,but in the good too.  I could not make it without Him.  If you don't know Him, talk to me, talk to a preacher, talk to a friend, talk to God.  …

Simple Woman's Daybook for May 21, 2012

FOR TODAY . . . May 21, 2012

Outside my window . . . it is quite warm early this morning so air conditioner is going
I am thinking . . . about some decisions I need to make
I am thankful . . . for the good time me and my DIL and grands had at girls night last night
In the kitchen . . .I need to wash dishes and figure out what to cook for supper
I am wearing . . .pajamas from last night, really lazy this morning
I am creating . . .several projects for church and friends
I am going . . . to run a few errands later today after blessing my house I am wondering . . .why people know how I should be and what I should do when they to are making so many mistakes themselves I am reading . . . my bible, and my Proverbs 31 bible study I am doing with a group of ladies I am looking forward to . . .swimming in the pool later
I am hearing . . . the air conditioner and my son sighing as he does summer school
Around the house . . . it needs blessing badlyI am pondering . . . what God wants me to do in se…

Encouraging Other Women

This is a repost from April 2010 from my old blog but is so true and I thought worth reposting.  I hope it will make you stop and think......
Encouraging Other Women I have been thinking alot about encouraging others.  I have been through so much in life that I am not sure I could have made it without my friends.  My friends prayed with me and for me.  Sometimes it was a note, a hug, a touch, a smile, "how are you REALLY", one friend sat with me all night one night when Moma was really sick and one sweet friend held my hand and we made a circle as my Moma left my arms and went into Jesus’.  None of those things cost much and most were free.  So then why do we not do more to encourage others? 
Reason 1–"I don’t have time"—really well I see you on facebook playing games, you are out to eat, you are at the movies and more.  Nothing is wrong with those things but are they more important than a friend?  I am forever stuck waiting in one line or another.  …
And these are my blessings.....Charity-Anne Jenee' (Nene), Jonathan Raymond Jr (JJ), and  Faithe-Makenzie Jazzlyn ( ZZ)!

They will be joined by Jeremiah Elan Tyler (Jet) on July 19, 2012 so be sure I will be back to post his pictures too.  :)
God bless, Pat


I love to read other godly ladies blogs.  If you have a blog you think I might be interested in reading.  Or if you follow my blog and you have one of your own, please send me a link to yours in the comments and I would love to add you to my blogroll.
God bless,

Ladies of the Bible!

As I said in an earlier post I am doing a Proverbs 31 bible study this summer with a wonderful group of ladies online.  It started today and I am so excited already.
One of Stephens assignments this week for school is to choose a lady of the bible, write where she is found in the bible, how she was used by God, her failures or successes, what we can learn from her and why he chose her. I started thinking how much do I really know about the ladies of the bible myself so I decided to start a study of my own.  I will loosely be using a book called "Women of the Bible" by Ann Spangler & Jean E.. Syswerda.  I am going to choose one lady at a time and study on her.  As I complete one I will move on to another.  
     I hope this will get me to dig deeper into my bible and also learn more about the ladies that God thought we should know about.  Through these two studies, my ultimate goal is to help me learn to be more the lady God created me to be.
If you were to choose a…

Proverbs 31 Study

Proverbs 31 Bible Study
     I am joining with a group of wonderful ladies and we will be doing a bible study this summer on Proverbs 31 lady.  It is through Good Morning Girls.  I am so excited to do this study.  I am hoping to gain consistency in my bible reading and study; also I am hoping to learn to be a better wife and mother and just a better Christian lady.       This study starts this Monday and will run through the middle of August. I am looking forward to spending part of my summer with other Christian ladies and learning to be more who God wants me to be.      What, if anything, are you studying? God bless, Pat

Simple Womans Daybook for May8th

FOR TODAY . . . May 8, 2012

Outside my window . . . it is cooler thanks to some rain last night

I am thinking . . . about some spiritual issues I need to work on

I am thankful . . . for God always providing even when I give up and don't see a way, He already has it under control

In the kitchen . . .thinking a big pot of beans in the crockpot and some cornbread
I am wearing . . .pajamas from last night, really lazy this morning

I am creating . . .nothing, need to be working on next series for Children's church class
I am going . . . to Walmart later today to buy house supplies, don't want to go but it is needed
I am wondering . . .about how people can judge others but yet don't even want to look at themselves
I am reading . . . my bible, a devotional series for women over 50, won't be the big 50 til June but it is a good devotion and a christian romance book
I am looking forward to . . .a summer bible study I am doing with some friends
I am hearing . . . cartoons, Papaw a…

Supermoon and Heaven

The other night everyone was talking about the "supermoon".  I wasn't quite sure what a supermoon was.  My son, T, informed me it was supposed to be bigger and brighter.  I mentioned it to my hubby but it was a cloudy night and I thought not much more about it.
    Then at almost 11 pm and yes we were still up, my hubby called me outside to see this moon.  It did seem a little brighter and bigger but who knows.  Anyway my hubby said I should take a picture, but all I had to use was my phone.  I decided to try anyway and on the 2nd try I got the picture above.  It kind of looks like a star or something. 
     As I was looking at the photo and the moon, I started thinking, and I know this might sound crazy, but I wondered what my Moma would say if she could see the moon from the other side, in heaven.  I know that might sound silly but one I miss Moma and I know she is in heaven.  I am not sure what heaven will be exactly but I am glad I know the one who made that m…

Scentsy-Layers line! :)

My daughter-in-law sells Scentsy and I love my Scentsy warmer and favorite scents.  They make my home smell heavenly and fresh.
     I was excited when she said they were coming out with a new line called "Layers".
The new line of personal care products include:Scentsy Shower Gel:  this lightly foaming gel, infused with vitamin B5, refreshes with amazing Scentsy fragranceScentsy Shower Cream:  add a little luxury to your daily shower with a creamy swirl of pampering fragranceScentsy Body Lotion:  a beautifully scented, silky-smooth lotion containing aloe vera and shea butterScentsy Body Butter:  super rich body butter infused with aloe vera and shea butter for a lusciously scented experienceScentsy Hand Cream:  a convenient tube of our rich aloe-vera-and-shea-butter lotion you can pack in your purseScentsy Body Spray:  wrap yourself in a veil of fragrance; a light mist adds a perfect touch of Scentsy scentScentsy Solid Perfume:  our most beautiful scents in fine-frag…

I am back and more...................................

(Found this on google and thought it was perfect)
     I have not blogged in awhile, I have had a hard time figuring out what to blog.  I read so many blogs and they have a certain theme and seem to do so well with it.  Mine has had no theme and sometimes I wondered if I should just quit.  I took a break and wondered if maybe I should just stop altogether.        Then this morning I got on here and I had a comment from someone and it spurred me on to keep going.  Now my blog still probably won't have a certain theme, except for this, it is about The Love's, what we are doing, what I am thinking etc.  I hope if anyone is out there reading that they will enjoy it.  Thanks to a sweet lady over at and her comment on my blog, I am back! God bless,  Pat