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Simple Woman's Daybook-September 2015

"Every day is a blank page, what will be written on yours?."
FOR TODAY, September 15, 2015
Outside my window . . . it is beginning to feel like fall in the mornings and evenings but summer says I am not quite gone throughout the day when temps are still rising close to 90
I am listening to . . . Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my little grand
I am thinking . . . I am excited about some new craft paint, paintbrushes and the crafts that are roaming around in my head, we shall see if they make it out of there
I am thankful . . .for my youngest son, he is taking his Dad on a daytrip just the two of them, he bougth the tickets, planned and paid for the trip just for the two of them, he is a sweet young man
In the kitchen . . .what shall I cook while I am home alone, I am sure that there will be plenty of hot tea
I am wearing . . . exercise pants, tshirt and tennis shoes, now will I do more exercise thn chasing Jet,that is still yet to be determined.
I am creating . . .  ideas for some crafts…

Excited about Blogging again-----on my terms!

I have tried to blog several times.  I always go good for awhile and then I fail and quit.  I fail, well I fail in doing what I think others expect of me.  I love when people read my blog and comment but really alot of this blog is for me.  So I am trying again and I will be taking a new journey with my blog and I will be grateful if you share the journey too but if no one does it still will be my journey.
The picture above is me-we are getting real here.  I am a wife of 29 years, a Moma 3 times over and a Mamaw 4 times over.  I am working on losing weight but loving who I am as I walk that journey too.   So welcome, or welcome back and lets see what this blog becomes......
God bless, Pat