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Simple Womans Daybook September 2017

For Today..... Looking out my window... enjoying this almost last day of September, it is finally my favorite time of year, I love fall!
I am thinking... about my Childrens's church class on Sunday

I am thankful... for the life that the Lord has given me

One of my favorite things...spending time on my front porch

I am wearing... jeans and a tshirt, my usual homeschool outfit of choice

I am creating... some canvases but can't share just yet as they are Christmas presents

I am watching...

I am reading...I have a stack of books I have read and am reading and will be sharing more about these in Octobers DayBook and will be possibly be having a giveaway for one of them so keep checking back
I am listening about faith especially this song by Kutless
In the garden...dreams of what might be next year

Front Porch Friday-"Quiet Time Tips That Really Work"

I have been trying so hard to have a daily quiet time with the Lord.  I am trying to do this not so I can check off another box on the to do list but because I truly crave that daily alone time with the Lord.  Lets face it we are all busy Moms, Mamaws, Wives, Ladies so how do we find this time.  I have found a few tips that help me so sharing them with you.

Do it in the morning unless you are truly a night owl and the thought of one more thing to do in the morning makes you physically sick.  If so have your quiet time at night, God doesn't care when we meet with Him, just that we do.Use a plan.  If you fail to plan you can probably plan to fail.  I personally am using Youversion on my phone right now.  They have plans on lots of subjects and things or times you might be going through.  I read the devotion on the phone and use my bible to read the scriptures. However the world won't stop turning if you read your bible on your phone.Be honest about yourself. Be honest with…

Stop Waiting And Live Your Life!

Sometimes I think my life is just an over and over of all the same things that are just....well just life. Life is laundry, cooking, cleaning, over and over every day.

     But then there is, soccer and as my grands enjoy it. There is children's church, homeschool and family events, birthdays, dr's appointments and more.

But then I stopped to what if this is my life....THIS is my life.  The life I love, my family, my grands, my church, the ones and things I love.  This is life, what am I waiting on? 
I am blessed beyond measure.  My husband loves me, my kids love me, my grands love me and God loves me.  What am I waiting on? What are you waiting on?


Faith Over Fear! I Choose Faith!

I have been feeling overwhelmed and stressed for quite some time.  I have tried so many ways to make it better and even tried just giving up.  I have been doing lots of praying, talking to friends and even more talking to God.  I am now choosing faith over fear.  Faith over the fear I am not good enough; faith over the fear that God doesn't love me; faith over the fear of what other people think; faith over choosing the world and the lie of busyness to not make time for me and God.

     There have been hurricanes, tornadoes and floods over much of the country.  They are devastating and people think they can never overcome this.The storms of life are much the same.They are hard and devastating and we will like things are beyond our understanding and out of our life is out of control.This is where faith comes in.  We have to have faith in what we cannot see, what we can not understand and in God.  We have to choose faith over fear.

     Faith comes in trusting God and that He wan…