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How to have quiet time with God......

I am working hard on having a daily quiet time with God and know several others are too.  I read this and it helped me some and I thought I would share in case I might help you too..... How to have a "Quiet Time" Author Unknown  
What is a“Quiet Time”?
A “Quiet Time” is a daily personal appointment with God, during which we get away from distractions and meet with God through prayer and Bible study. Through these disciplines God talks to us and we talk to God.

Why is Connecting Daily with God through a Quiet Time so Important?
It reminds us that we belong to God.

It creates room for God in our busy lives.

It builds our relationship with God through regular communication.

It helps give direction to our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

It enables to live deep and fulfilling lives.
What are some Practical Steps to do a Quiet Time?
Set some time aside during a day, or every day.

Start with about 15 minutes and you work up…

Simple Woman's Daybook June 27, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011 ~DayBook~ Outside my window...the sun is shining and though it is warm the kittens are running around and the birds are singing
I am thinking...I really need to finish my kitchen and get started on supper

I am thankful...I have friends who love me no matter what

In the kitchen...Needs cleaning and start on supper

I am creating...Working on newsletter for Mom's group at church and a gift for a friend

I am praying about... our preachers wife who has breast cancer and may have a new spot

I am reading... nothing but got two new books for birthday so need to get started

Around the house... all the spots that need to be decluttered

A few plans for the rest of the week... clean, do schooling with son, write some notecards, make some bouquets for wedding renewal and work on church stuff

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...our preacher and his wife that I am asking for prayer for
God bless, Pat PS if you want to join in on the daybook go to this link----  http://thesimplewo…

Two similar but easy Mexican recipes I am sharing...

I like easy recipes that don't heat up the kitchen alot in the summer time and hubby likes mexican and so these two recipes are similar but both are so easy to cook.  
Recipe #1 Layered Turkey & Bean Dip
1 can (16 oz) Old El Paso® refried beans
1 package (1 oz) Old El Paso® taco seasoning mix
1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
1 can (4.5 oz) Old El Paso® chopped green chiles
1 cup Old El Paso® Thick 'n Chunky salsa (any variety)
2 cups shredded lettuce
2 cups shredded Cheddar or Mexican cheese blend (8 oz)
1 medium tomato, diced (3/4 cup)
1 pound of turkey (or ground beef ) cooked, drained and then add taco seasoning
Tortilla chips
    * In medium bowl, mix refried beans and taco seasoning mix. Spread mixture on large platter.
    * Layer your meat over beans
    * In another medium bowl, mix cream cheese and chiles. Carefully spread over  meat layer.
    * Top with salsa, lettuce, cheese, and tomato. Serve with tortilla chips.
Recipe #2 Doubl…

How I feel today.....

I don't feel good today, I think my hubby gave me his crud, throat and right ear hurts.  I am moody and I know it, which is sad to say.  I told my son, I need some peace and quiet, and oh yeah, some chocolate, chocolate always makes me feel better. :) I mean they do say a little chocolate is good for you everyday and who am I to argue with Dr's?  Hope you are having a wonderful blessed Friday.....I am off to convince my son he needs to go get me some chocolate.
God bless,

What does your bible look like?

How many of us have a bible that looks like this?  Do you have to find and hurriedly dust it off if the preacher comes over?  Does it ride around all week in your car?  Can you even find it?  Do you have a bible?       So many would have to admit theirs does and yet they wonder why their life is going the way it is.  I have found the times I am more in my bible and talking to God, my life may not necessarily be  better but the way I handle it is way better.       Just a thought I am sharing. God bless,  Pat

What If?

Saw this on a friends blog and had to share-Before you gripe about another petty something about your spouse or child-think how how you would feel if you woke up without them tomorrow. Man this hit me in the face and really made me really think! :(
     Then, I found this quote above about what if you woke up today with only what you thanked God for yesterday.  Who or what would you still have?  Would you have your spouse, your kids, your friends, your home, car, anything?  Again, this really made me think and I ashamed to say I am not sure I like my answers to the above questions.
     I cannot change the past as none of us can but I am going to really work on changing my answers and my life.  I know I need to really work on this but I am sharing it in the hope it might help others as well.  
God bless,

Quiet Time With God

I recently started a group on facebook called Quiet time with God,  it is a bible accountability group.  I thought it would challenge me to read my bible more.  It has, but it is so much more too.  
     We don't just post that we read, or even just what we read, but we post how it spoke to us and then others respond too.  We post prayer requests and we pray one for another.        Some post daily and some have not posted very much at all.  All are special to me and all are my friends and sisters in Christ.  It has challenged and encouraged me and I hope it has them.      Just wanted to share this idea with anyone who may be reading this.  I hope you are having your quiet time with God.  You might want to consider joining with your friends to pray for and encourage one another.  It has helped me and just might help you.  Even if you are already strong in your bible reading, maybe you can encourage and lift up your friends.  Just a thought I wanted to share. God bless, Pat

Last Respects

One day the members of a large church were greeted with a sign on the front door. The sign said: "The person who has been hindering your walk with the Lord has died."

We invite you to attend the funeral after this mornings service." At first everyone was sad to hear that one of their fellow members had died, but after a while they started getting curious about who this person might be that had hindered their walk with the Lord.

The interest grew as the members arrived to pay their last respects. Everyone wondered: "Who is this person who was hindering my progress?" One by one the members got closer to the coffin and when they looked inside it they suddenly became speechless. They stood over the coffin, shocked and in silence, as if someone had touched the deepest part of their soul. There was a mirror inside the coffin and everyone who looked inside it could see their own reflection.

One by one the members realized that they had only themselves to…

Praying for our teenagers.....

I titled this blog post praying for our teenagers cause this is where I am at, at the moment.  I have older children, one is married and the other one is about to be married but for this post, I am talking about Stephen, my 16 year old.  You may have older and you may have younger children but I hope you are praying for them.  I promise you the devil is after them so we have to lift them up to God.
     I was given a copy of some stuff about praying for teenagers and I have compiled them in the list below....I hope it will help someone better pray for theirs or challenge them to pray for them if they don't.
Praying for Our Teens What to Pray for Your Teens :
* A heart which personally and fully understands, embraces, and shares the gospel
* Reverence for God, and a passion to please and serve him
* God-honoring family relationships filled with respect, affection, compassion and cooperation
* Protection and strength to face moral temptation and cultural pressure
* Repentance and humb…

I'm praying for you is not a joke or to be taken lightly!

     I'm praying for you is not a joke or to be taken lightly.  Prayer is important and prayer changes things.  I have seen the hand of God upon my family and I have seen the friends who lifted us up to God.  
     On my facebook page on Mondays I have Marriage Monday, Tuesdays are to pray for all the military and their families, Wednesdays are to pray for your friends cause you never know the tears behind the smiles, Fridays are reminders to pray for all the ones you love.  These are not just something to post but a real desire to get people to pray.  
     Pray for your marriage before it is in trouble, pray for the soldiers before they get hurt or come home with issues, pray for the families while they are gone and for them to be prepared when they come home cause sometimes they are not the same. Pray for your friends even if you don't know a reason, pray cause they are your friends, pray for your family before there is a major need, you never know when life can and will chan…

And the winner is.....of the Scripture Photography!

Stephen put all the names that had registered for the Scripture Photography giveaway on my blog in a bag, shook it 13 times and then drew out the 13th name since Jonathan's photography is called Studio 13th Photography.  And the winner is:

So Debbie you need to let me know which picture you want from his page and I will get him to order it for you.  Congrats to the winner and if you did not win, feel free to contact him to buy one and look for more contests in the future.  Thanks to everyone who is helping me support my son as he supports his family! God bless, Pat

Summer begins and so does the hunger!

    Today is the last official day of public school in my town, though most kids did not go after Friday.  My son is homeschooled and we go year round but still I dread the end of school year.  Not because of the kids being out but I know that with school ending so begins the hunger.
     So many of the kids get breakfast and lunch at school for free or reduced prices.  Some of them the food they get at school is pretty much all they get all day.  Now school is out and that is taken away.  I know we have a couple of programs in town that help feed them in the summer and some of their parents get food stamps.  But, some of the kids can't get to the programs and sometimes those food stamps get wasted and sold. Some people fall through the cracks too, they make too much to get help but not enough to pay for everything.  No matter what the case, the innocent kids pay the price.
     Either way, it makes me sad, all I am asking of you my readers is this, can we give a little…