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Always Be Thankful!

Heart Gifts, Can You Share One Today?

     Have you ever heard of heart gifts? Heart gifts are gifts that would cost nothing or next to nothing. The only thing is that the gift has to be thoughtful and from your heart! 
     Think about what your talents are and how you can bless others with them. Can you sew, can you cook? Use the talents God has given you. For example, are you cooking supper right now, could you add just a little extra and make a plate for your elderly neighbor down the street? What about the young woman with 3 kids and a constant run to games etc for them? What would it mean to her to have you bring a simple crock pot dinner and dessert to her door? Maybe you have flowers in your yard-pick some and take them to the lady who just lost her husband or someone who has been sick.  Pick up a drink from Sonic for you and the friend who has been seeming down, stop by for a quick visit and give her the drink and you both will be a little happier thanks to happy hour.  Send a card to someone you have been missing…

Simple Woman's Daybook for October 12th

For Today
Looking out my window... and thinking of all the tests I have had done  for my heart and praying they come out all right
I am thinking...I am not sure if I will ever get caught up on all my housework.  Am I just dreaming and expecting something to be that can't and probably doesn't have to be?
I am thankful... for the Word of God.
One of my favorite things...
My sweet daughter in law designed and made this in her boutique for me

I am wearing... pajama pants and old church tshirt, feeling kind of bummy today
I am creating... a couple of canvases for Christmas and an order (can't share because they are for gifts)

I am watching... the 7 Little Johnstons

I am reading... Some of these I was on launch team but am now re-reading them because they are so full of knowledge that my life needs right now

I am listening new Selah CD, I was blessed to be given a ticket to see them in concert here in my town last weekend
Broken Ladders

In the garden... it has been put to bed and n…