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Jesus didn't throw the clay away!

Recently our pastor, Bro J.D.  preached a sermon on the Potter and the Clay.  I have heard this preached many times but this time it really made a big impact on me.  I want to share some of my notes from that sermon with you and I hope it will be a blessing to you too.
     Jeremiah 18:1-6 was his scripture text but the part that really spoke to me was verse 6b Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand,.  When a potter is making something from clay, he chooses what the vessel will be.  God already chose before we were born what He wanted us to be.  To make that vessel the potter has to mold it and make it. As we live our life and things that we experience  or happens to us helps to mold us and what we become.  If we read Gods word, attend church and live for God we will be molded into a vessel of honor and we can be an honor to God.  If we live in the world and the trash it has to offer then the vessel will not mold correctly.  As the potter molds h…

Simple Ways You Can Show Your Husband You Love Him!

I think I have a pretty good marriage but I think we can always make improvements.  I have read lots of articles about different date night ideas and stuff but I was looking for something more.  I wanted simple little ways daily I could show my husband I still love him. Little things that I could do any day or every day.  We have been married for over 25 years and we are almost to the empty nest stage of life. Letting him know he is still important to me and I want to spend time with him is becoming even more of a big deal for me.
     I came up with a list of simple things that you can try no matter what stage of marriage you are at. Have fun with this list, try them and repeat often and see what happens.

1.  Cuddle-this might be a few moments when you go to bed or when you get up.
2.  Watch how you speak to him-this is especially important to Moms of little ones.  You are home all day telling them what to do and not to do.  He doesn’t need a Moma, he needs a wife.
3.  Do what makes h…

Fall Bucket List

I saw where a friend had made a bucket list for the fall.  A bucket list is just a list of fun things you would like to do.  I decided it looked like fun so I made one for me.  I am sharing mine in this post.  If you make one I would love to read it too so if you could leave a link to yours in the comments.  Have fun and lets get ready for fall 2013!

Pat's Fall 2013 Bucket List 1) Make homemade apple butter 2) Make fried apple pies 3) Make apple prints with the kids 4) Make leaf rubbings with the kids 5)Carve a pumpkin 6) Go on a nature walk 7) Go on a hayride 8) Make a thankfulness tree 9) Make a pumpkinpie 10) Pop popcorn and have family movie night 11) Make cookies and have family game night 12) Have a weenie roast and make smores with family 13) Have a bonfire 14) Collect canned food for a family in need 15) Drink hot apple cider on the porch with Billy 16) Make and take cookies to a friend 17) Collect mittens and gloves for needy 18) Rake and play in leaves with the kid…

Letter Writing-a thing of the past or still a treasure?

We live in an electronic age, people carry their phone, tablet, IPad, computer everywhere they go.  People send emails and texts around the world in a matter of seconds.  We can talk to a friend like they are on our front porch even though they are thousands of miles away.
     There is nothing wrong with any of that.  However, when is the last time you sent a real letter or received one in the mail?  I love opening the mailbox and seeing mail from a friend.  Even if it is only a few lines on a card, it means they took the time to think of me, write me and mail it to me.
     When I was in college and when we first moved away from home, Moma wrote me faithfully at least once a week.  My kids call me a packrat or a hoarder but I sure am glad I saved some of those letters that Moma wrote.  Moma has been gone for almost 6 years and it feels so good to be able to go back and read the words she wrote, where she told me she loved me and more.  They are a treasure to me.
     Emails an…

How to get God's attention......Sermon Notes!

We had a guest preacher, Bro Craig Bryan,  this weekend at church. I teach on Sunday mornings but I got to hear the sermon on Sunday night and it really spoke to me so I am sharing my notes here with ya'll.
     His topic was "How we can get God's attention".
     1} By coming to Him in faith----we say we believe in soul winning but if we don't participate, do we really?  We are not saved by works but we should add works or feet to our faith.
     2} By pressing on---when life hits you hard, just keep pushing towards God.  We need to keep on living for, serving and reaching for God.
     3}By falling at Gods feet and worshiping Him.  We need to get back to needing God, just like any parent needs to be needed, God does too. We have to worship God on the mountain top and in the valley.
     4}By touching people---love people, care about people, serve people.  People are out there just waiting to know someone cares.  People need to be touched. We have a whole…