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Things I am Learning in this Journey of Life!

I am learning through my storm that is not really what people think about me that is hurting me.  It is more what I think about what they are thinking.  How I care or ignore what they are thinking.  I am in a way without meaning to making the storm wilder and bigger.  Once I faced this, I started searching for ways to calm my inner storm.  
I started seeking God and His will and way for my life.  I have always been told the best way to find this is to talk to Him and to read His word.  Prayer is when we talk to Him and reading His word is when He talks to us. A few verses have really reached out to me so far.
God knows what He desires for me and my life.  He won't force it on me, but it is waiting there for me to reach out and receive.  I am learning to pray before I make decisions and see if they seem to line up with the future God has for me.

If I think on people that have hurt me and how hurt and upset I am then I tend to be in a down and out mood.  If I think more on how God …

Sitting in Daddy's lap!

    I decided to be open and vulnerable and share my heart on my blog page but going to share it here too to hold me accountable and to maybe help someone else too.
     I have been going through some things for a while now. Everyone thinks they know what I should do or say. I am going to be brutally honest here, I am so overwhelmed with all this that I don't know anymore. This is where I woke up this morning. 
     Then it hit me, I am listening to every one and no one. Remember when you were a kid and you would have a problem and you would try to listen to your friends and you sometimes ended up in a mess.
      Finally you would go to your Moma and Daddy and then you could just sit there, cry, and let them hold you. Then you would finally talk to them and they would help you. Well, this morning I realized I need to be listening to my Daddy and letting Him hold me a while. 
     You can pray and I appreciate it more than words can say and I really hope you will but if you don't …


     I bet my title got your attention, good that's what I wanted. Now, it is not that type of heart attack but rather

     I read a really good idea on facebook and I am going to do it with the grands next month, with my own twist.  I am sharing the idea with you, our twist and also linking back to the original source to give her credit and so you can also find a template to use if you decide to join in.
     The idea is between February 1st and 14th, you cut out a paper heart and color, decorate or however you choose to do it. Then you write something positive on it about your child (or grandchild in my case) and place it on their door each day.  Now, my twist since I homeschool them and they don't live with me is this, I am going to have it waiting on them each day on their desk.  On February 14th is will also include a small treat from me.  You could even simply put these with the heart on the 14th.

     You could easily do this at any time but it just screams Valen…

Lazy Days Rarely Happen So.......What To Do?/Thankful Tuesday Link Up

     Lazy days rarely happen for me.  My life seems to go in a whirlwind.  I am rushing around getting my 2 guys off to work or something they need.  I homeschool the 4 grands and am Children's Ministries Director at Church so busy, busy, busy.  It seems I never have a day to just be lazy.
     This past Friday I was just feeling off but pushed through a day of school with the grands and then we did our weekly extra class.  This week is was Woodshop for the boys and Sewing for the girls.  By the time this was over and they went home, I knew something was wrong.
     That something wrong was the stomach bug and it hit me hard.  I was sick all weekend long and not really too much better on Monday.  Billy and Stephen were amazing and took such good care of me and the house.  Jonathan filled in for me at church and all was covered.  Finally Monday evening I was coming back to the land of the living.  I had been lazy for days but being sick, they were not the ones I was looking for.

My New Mantra---I Am Enough!

This is my new mantra. I realize some people will never like me or the way I do things. I will never live where or how they think I should. I will never please them or be enough for them. I do good, I mess up. I fall and I rise again. My word this year is "always" and there is always going to be someone, something or both but I am enough for God and that's all that matters.

Until next time, Pat

M&M's, not candy but Mission's And Me (lesson for my church kids)

     We have our annual Mission's conference in April each year.  We have a week of Missionaries coming in to share their hearts and fields.  We have a preacher or preachers who share why we should be involved in Missions and how we can be and yet never leave our homes.  This is one of my favorite times of year in our church.
     Our Pastor, Bro. JD Weido says that though we have a Mission's conference one week a year, missions should be in our hearts and lives, monthly, weekly, daily. April is coming up soon so I wanted to get the kids hearts looking towards missions now.  
     I am planning a special small lesson once each month starting with this month, January and leading up to April.  This past Sunday, we talked about what a missionary is.  We talked about though we can't all be missionaries we can be involved and each of us should be.  I asked them who should be involved in missions (m) and they said me (m).  To help them remember this I showed them a candy box.
Do yo…

The Simple Woman's Daybook January 13, 2017

For Today

Looking out my window I see a world before me and do they know Jesus 
I am thinking When they look at me or listen to me do they see Him or do they go, No, thanks?
I am thankful That I get to home school my grands, it is so wonderful to watch them learn and grow and to see the light go off when they finally get something to click in their mind
One of my favorite things
Is reading.  I love to read just for fun and also to grow in my life and relationship with God and others
I am creating Nothing at the moment but will be working on some paintings, nothing fancy but just some basic sign type pictures
I am wearing
Blue workout pants and blue tshirt

I am reading  When I first found out about this book and that I was going to be on the launch team, I just not sure.  I was thinking I am so overwhelmed now that I don't have time to add the overwhelming task of not only reading this but helping promote it too.  But in my opinion it is well worth the time to read. Kathi and Cheri want to show …

Would You Want To Be Your Friend?

     I was talking to someone recently and she said she wished she had more friends?  She told me she wished she had more but didn't know how to make new ones.  I asked her a question, "Would you want to be your friend?"  She asked me what I meant.

     I then asked her to think on these things:

1) Do you get out and go places to meet friends?  You are probably not going to meet a whole lot of people at your house
2) Are you friendly?  Do you smile at people?   Do you say hello?  Do you try to get to know others?
3) Do you approach people or always wait on them to talk to you?
4) Look for people that maybe have kids the age of yours or share an interest like reading or knitting or something like that.  Join a book club if you life to read or a support group for wives of police officers, military or something like that if it applies to you
5) Pray and ask God for a friend-don't laugh, someone gave me that advice once and guess what He did and we are still friends, many year…


For several years I have prayed and sought a Word for the year and the direction the Lord would have me go.  I chose the word "Rise" for this year but after a couple of weeks I realized this was what I chose and not of the Lord.  It was coming from pain and not somewhere I want to be anymore.
     I prayed and really sought the Lord and clearly felt the Lord leading me to the word, "Always".  As this year goes forward I will try to share some of what this word brings me to and what the Lord is teaching me.

     Today my daughter in law, Jenny, shared a song with me.  After I quit crying I felt such comfort and peace.  I am so excited as I face this journey with the Lord this year.  I am posting the link to the song so you can listen to if you wish.  It too is called Always!
God bless until next time, Pat

To Blog Or Not To Blog-I Think I Will Try Again

I started blogging a few years ago when a lot of my friends were blogging.  Back then I mostly blogged about homeschooling and my family.  Then I tried several different ways to blog but was just never really happy and now here I find myself 6 months with no post......but hey this is not good bye and please stay with me here.
     I have decided to blog again and it may be about homeschooling as I am now homeschooling 4 grands.  It may be about family, books I read, thoughts I have, marriage, life after 50, my Lord and Savior or who knows.  Each post may be different.  I just want to blog for me and if you would like to join in I would be honored.
     So here goes, I will bring you up to date if you used to read here and if somehow you are new well this is who I am. I am married to my best friend Billy for 30 years.  We have 3 kiddos, one is married, is a police officer, and has made me a Mother in law and a Mamaw 4 times over,  Next is a daughter who is married and living in …