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Simple Woman's Daybook for February


Outside my is sunny but slightly cool
I am thinking...about all that I need to do,but right now working on finishing blessing my home, and thinking on some things and trying to give them to God
I am thankful...for people who accept me as I am
In the kitchen...dishes soaking, dishes needing done, way behind, lots to do

I am capris and a green tshirt, I look like one of my grands picked my clothes :)
I am creating...the next few months Moms meetings, Children's church lessons and schoolwork for Stephen

I am town later to run some errands
I am wondering...what is going to happen and if my hubby will find a job soon

I am bible and waiting on my book to arrive that I will be reading and reviewing

I am hoping...that I get all my stuff done this week that I need to get done

I am looking forward to...getting all caught up again

I am learning..that a little everyday is better than having to play catchup and being so hard

Around t…

Heaven or Hell?

I was reading something on facebook today and then I started thinking about somethings.  I am a Christian but I have not always been.  I have done some things I am ashamed of, made mistakes and just done or said things I knew was wrong.  I went to church for 17 years without missing a Sunday in church, I played the game, made the confessional speech, got baptized, taught classes and was still on my way to hell if I died.  Everyone thought I was saved except me, I knew better.  No one ever talked to me or asked me, they just accepted it.      Fast forward a lot of years, we started going to a new little church.  I wanted what those people had but did not know how to get it.  I mean everyone thought I was saved, maybe I was?  I didn't even know anymore.  Then one day at the altar a lady asked me if we could go and talk.  She loved God so much and she shared her story with me.  She asked me about my story and then she went a step further that might not always be right to do b…

Good morning Lord!

Try to make a habit of using your first hour of each day to listen to what God has to say to you.  Get up early, before any of your family if you need to.  Get you a nice cup of hot tea, or your beverage of choice and your bible.  Read your bible, spend some time in prayer and then just sit quietly and listen to what God has to say to you.  Try this and see what a difference this makes in your day and your life.  I challenge you to try it.
God bless, Pat

2oth Anniversary-Bible Baptist church

Psalm 122:1
Iwasglad when they said unto me, Let us gointo the house of the LORD.      20 years ago we had been in El Dorado for over 2 years and after being raised in church had not found a church home. There was churches everywhere and even right around the corner from our street, but we could not find a place we fit in.  I picked up a newspaper and saw where a new church was about to start in a little storefront property the next Sunday.  So that Sunday morning Billy, me, Jonathan and Amanda loaded up and went to church.  There was 22 people including us and the Pastor, Bro JD Weido and his family.  We loved it and felt at home from that very first Sunday.       We have had many ups and downs, I have gotten saved, Stephen was born and we are still there.  We have not been perfect and we made mistakes but the pastor and the people of the church have always been there.  Those people, have became family.  I cannot imagine going anywhere else.      20 years have brought many changes, the P…