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Five Minute Friday-In Between

Five Minute Friday----Want to join or just want to know what Five Minute Friday is all about? Head over to Lisa Jo’s blog and find out And while you’re there, be sure to visit & leave some comment love (no lurking!) for the other bloggers who linked up!
Today’s Prompt: In Between
Today I am in between where my illness has took me and where I would like to be.  I was diagnosed finally with sarcoidosis a few months ago and am in the middle of another bad attack.  Don't worry until I was diagnosed I had never heard of it either.  It is an autoimmune disease that basically your body attacks itself and your immune system is very low.  Right now mine is attacking my lungs and breathing the hardest.  My Dr says that stress is one of the worst things on this disease and so I need to learn to be less stressed.  Now she wants me to stress less right as she is also putting me on strong steroids and taking away caffeine so no chocolate, no Dr Pepper and no stress.  Yeah, I am not feeling …

The Journey From Hurt and Hate to Hope and Healing!

Last night I could not sleep and God gave this blog post to me.  I know this is so true and I hope it might help someone. This is not just a blog post, I have lived each step of this personally. it has taken me a long time but I finally think I am at healed but sometimes lip back to hope but that is okay as long as I keep climbing forward.
     Whether you have been through child abuse, domestic violence or whatever your pain may have come through, if you don't deal with it, it will grow and get bigger.  You can get bitter or get better.  These may not be your exact steps but it is what is helping and has helped me and I hope it will help some of you.
     Step 1---Accept what happened. You say, I know what happened.  Ok but have you accepted it.  For a long time I was like, why did it happen, what if it hadn't, what did I do wrong, what could I have done different? As long as you are here you can't get healed.  Accept that this was a part of your life, it happened, …