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Christmas In My Town!

Everyone is talking about decorating for Christmas.  I have not even got cleaned up from Thanksgiving or  thought of when I will do my decorating.  However downtown is very pretty in lights so I thought I would share a few pictures of my town.  I hope you will enjoy them.  
This is the courthouse which is always decked out from top to bottom.  Another view of courthouse..... We have a tree made of lights that go from top to bottom of the TV tower.  You can drive around the building and go completely underneath the tree all the way around.  Many do this every year, there have been dances and proposals and more underneath this tree.  Some went under the tree, like my kids as children and now get to share it with their own.  This picture shows the view if you are underneath looking up. I hope you have enjoyed this short picture visit to my town at Christmas time.  Share you town on your blog, comment and let me know and I will come visit yours too.
God bless, Pat

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family! Hug your family, thank the Lord for them and be safe! God bless, Pat

I am adopting a should too......

I was listening to the radio and they were talking about adopting a child in another country.  They were talking about how you could write them letters, help support them, and make a difference in a child's life.  Now, let me say up front, there is nothing wrong with some of these programs but God has led me in another direction.  I want to share the burden God has laid on my heart and I hope some of you might join me in adopting a child in God's program He showed to me.
     What God said to me was should adopt a child in a foreign country and I was confused at first but then He said, Yes a missionary child.  I asked God what He wanted me to do.  When a missionary surrenders to the Mission's field, the family goes also.  There are so many changes for the whole family including the kids (and wives).  So this is what I am going to do, Stephen and I are adopting a Missionary our church supports kids.  We are going to send cards, little thought gifts and tre…

Papaw and Grands!

Papaw and the grands.....they are storing up loves before the kiddos leave for vacation.  They are going to visit Jenny's family for Thanksgiving.  It sure will be quiet with out these three and little Jet  for a few days.  I am so glad they get to go but will be counting the hours til they are back here with us.  I always loved my grandparents but being the grandparent is even better. I hope all of ya'll get some family time this holiday season too.
God bless, Pat

Redbirds and God!

I have always loves cardinals or redbirds as I just called them.  I always thought they were so beautiful.  I went to a yardsale one time and I saw a book called "Redbirds, Rubies and Rainbows". Though I had never heard of the author, for a quarter, I thought it might be pretty good so I bought it. This book changed my life.

     I so many times felt alone and like God had forgot about me or wasn't hearing my prayers.  Little did I know, the number one problem was that I was not saved.  In this book, Mrs. Evans talks about her love of redbirds but not just the ones that fly.  To her redbirds are little blessings from God, it might be an unexpected blessing, an answered prayer or God showing her a real redbird right when she needed a touch from Him.  I started seeing all the "redbirds" in my own life, including a sweet lady named Carol Bridges who helped me to see I was not saved though I had made a profession as a child and led me to the Lord.  So many ti…