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Book Review of Seeds of Turmoil: The Biblical Roots of the Inevitable Crisis in the Middle East

I was sent this book to review quite a while ago and I have tried several times to read the book. I finally was able to read it and for me,this is a good book and is timely with all the stuff that is going on in the middle east and he backs his thoughts up with bible verses which impressed me. However it is a heavy book and though not for everyone.  It was not a book for me but  I still recommend it if this sounds like something you might be interested in. 
     The description of the book is this "A clear, in-depth biblical explanation of the origin, history, and significance of the Middle East conflict.
     The current conflict in the Middle East began long before the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. It originated when Abraham sinned, distorting God's promise that he and his heirs would make a great nation and inherit the land now called The Holy Land.
     A historical and political account, Seeds of Turmoil clearly explains the biblical story of Abraham, Sar…

Hot tea, books & Me!

January is National Hot tea month and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE hot tea.  I love to read too though I don't get as much time to anymore.  This weather we have been having is the perfect time to curl up with something hot to drink and read a good book.  We can travel to places with sun and warmth or somewhere we dream of going or just anything. 
     Do you like to read?  What kind of books do you read?  What do you like to drink in this cold weather?
I would love if you would share........

God bless,

The Simple Woman's Daybook for January 2014

FOR TODAY –   January 20, 2014

Outside my window…Very sunny but very cool also
I am thinking…I need to get started on school for the day
I am thankful… family supper every Sunday night
In the kitchen…. Chicken pasta and salad for supper
I am wearing… red t-shirt and bluejeans and tennis shoes
I am creating…Newsletter for Mom's meeting and future blog posts
I am going… to bless my house, do school and spend some time with one of the grands who spent the night
I am reading…. Matthew and My devotion book

I am looking forward to… me and T will be going to visit some friends who are sick to take a small blessing
I am learning that I have to have that time with God alone
Around the house… grand watching cartoons and T doing school
I am pondering… how to be a better wife, Mom and Mamaw
One of my favorite things…family game night

A few plans for the rest of the, visitation,church and writing some pick me up notes
A peek into my day… 
If you would like to join in and share your daybook t…

Goals Checkup!

When this year started I set some goals for me to accomplish. As the year has gone by for a couple of weeks now, I am seeing that some goals are going to be easier to meet than others.  This doesn't mean I am giving up on them yet, it just means that I am going to be doing checkups through the year to see how I am doing and possibly making some adjustments.
     One thing I am doing really good on is reading my bible through in a year.  I have finished the whole book of Genesis and am on to reading Matthew now.  I know there are several different reading plans but this is the one I am following.  I am also doing much better on keeping my home organized and keeping things to a minimum.  It feels good to wake up in the mornings and not feel I am already behind.  Other goals they really needed this checkup.
     How are you doing on your goals for 2014?  Do you need to do a checkup?  I'd love to hear how it is going for you too.

God bless,

A Word To The Wise

As ya'll know I am trying to read the bible through this year.  I read my bible at night because I am a night owl and I am just so busy in the mornings.  I wanted a good devotional book that I could use in the mornings though.  I have been looking and had not found one yet that was what I was wanting.      This morning I went to church and our church gave each family a daily devotion book.  God is so good to supply what we need and what we want sometimes too.  This time He supplied both for me with one book. Thank you God, Bro JD and Bible Baptist Church. Also thanks for Bro Paul Chappell for writing the book and making it where our church could provide them to us.      I can't wait to get started with having my daily morning devotions with this book.  Do you have a certain book that you use? If you don't have one you are using, check this one out. When do you do your devotions? Mornings or evenings? God bless, Pat

Bible Reading Journey!

Every year on the first Sunday in January our church has bible day.  We have the Director of the BEAMS ministry come and speak. They print and send whole bibles to missionaries around the world.  They print them in multiple languages so people can have a bible they can read.        Every year he also passes out bible reading charts so that you can mark off as you read a chapter in the bible.  The goal is that you will try to read the bible through in a year.  If you send it in after completing it then they will send you a certificate of completion.  I have tried and failed many times.  I am sad to have I have never read the whole bible in my life.  This year I decided I would try.  I have a couple of new friends who are holding me accountable and checking on me.  So far as of today I will complete chapter 27 of Genesis.        True I have a long ways to go to reach my goal.  I do know that if you reach for nothing you will reach it ev…

Goal # 2

My first goal this year was spiritual as I want to make my walk and relationship with God my first priority. My second goal is family and my relationship with my husband and family. I also want this relationship to be stronger.
     My plan to do that is to spend more time with them.  You spend time on what is important to you and I want them to know they are important to me.  To achieve this I started looking at ways I could do this.  I am sure these won't be the only things but they are a starting point.
     Specific goals under this are:
               1) Bi-weekly date night with my hubby-these may be simple or more extravagant but will be time and plans just for us.  I also want to just make spending time with him more of a priority with him even if I have to watch a movie or do something that is not my first choice but is his.
               2) We have family supper every Sunday night together but I want to go further with this.  I want to have at least bi-weekly game…

Goal #1

There are several areas of my life I want to work on this year. I hope to share each area in the coming weeks.  I hope by writing them here and sharing them that it will help me keep accountable to them.
     The first goal is to have a closer walk with God.  I do lots of stuff in my church and am always busy. But something God brought to my attention recently is no where in the bible does He say be busy but He does say "be still".  I want to work on being still-spending more time reading my bible, in prayer for me, the ones I love and others.
     I have 3 specific goals under this goal and they are:
          1} Read my bible through this year
          2} Pass out 7 tracts a week (or more)
          3} Spend more time in prayer for me and my walk, for my family, my friends and others.
                         Bro. Bob has a prayer list of people that he prays for faithfully and I will be making a   
                         prayer list for me.  I know other prayer r…