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Front Porch Swinging!

Sometimes you need to go back to where the crickets chirp, the front screen door slams, you hear Moma calling you in to supper the rain goes pitter patter on the tin roof as you fall asleep! 

     The world might be better if we had more front porch swinging, sweet tea drinking and family time. 

     Been missing the simpler, slower times, maybe I am just missing my Moma & Daddy too. If the world had a front porch............
God bless, Pat

Simple Woman's Daybook For February

FOR TODAY –   February 25, 2014

Outside my window…the weather doesn't know if winter is hanging on or spring is coming
I am thinking…I am so blessed to have got to spend 3 days and nights hanging out with my 4 grands
I am thankful… that God never gives up on me
In the kitchen…. I would like to declutter and redo my kitchen in "Fruit of the Spirit"
I am wearing…jeans, tshirt and tennis shoes, my daily running around clothes
I am creating…Projects for Children's ministries at church
I am going… to really try hard to get healthier and prayerfully lose a few pounds too
I am reading…. My bible, devotion book, "Ask Me Anything, Lord by Heather King

I am looking forward to… these last couple of months before T graduates
I am learning.... that it is okay if I say no, I need to ask God more what He would have me say
Around the house… so much decluttering to be done
I am pondering… how to be more what God would have me do
One of my favorite things…
A few plans for the rest of the week:…

Modern Technology and Keeping Family Close!

A long time ago families all lived close together and could visit any time they wanted.  People used to also write long letters and send in the actual mail.  Now though families live around the world and keep in touch with more modern technology.  Now people use text, facebook, facetime and skype and more.  You can almost feel like you are right there with the ones you love.
    Last night it was Moma and Daddy who are away on a couples retreat while the kiddos hang out with Mamaw and Papaw.  Today it was the grands, T and Aunt Nana!  They loved getting to actually SEE them and not just talk to them.
     I still wish for front porch visiting and long letters that I remember from my childhood sometimes but modern technology is not too bad either.  How do you keep in touch with the ones you hold close but maybe cannot quite reach?

God bless,

Saturday Share Day-This Week-Missionary Wives Blogs!

Every year in April our church has Missions conference and one of my favorite parts is getting to know the Missionary wives.  One question I have heard asked alot is this "How can we help or support you?" One answer that kind of sums it up for me is this, "I cannot tell you how much it  means to me when I get an email, message or letter, and I can tell the person has been following our ministry, has read our prayer letter, knows our prayer requests or has checked out our Facebook pages or blogs. The fact that someone would take time out of their busy schedule and think of and  pray for us means the world to me and our family!"

     Some of my favorite Missionary Wives to read their blog, pray for and support are these though this is by no means the only ones I pray for or support.  These are three I thought you might want to check out their blogs this week though.

1} Mrs Masey Arnold----
2} Mrs. Mandi Abrams---- http:/…

Don't give in, don't give up, don't quit!

I am trying to read the whole bible through completely this year.  I am reading with some friends and try to read the assigned passages each day.  Sometimes I get behind and it would be so easy to quit but I really am wanting to do this so I pick it up and go again.
     This morning another friend was talking about being behind in her bible reading, one was saying she quit her latest diet cause she had just messed up so bad, one has quit working out and more.  I was thinking about all that and then I thought when we miss a meal you don't stop eating altogether so when you miss a day or get behind don't quit reading altogether, just pick it up and go again, or working out or dieting or whatever goal you may be working on.
     Don't give in,don't give up, don't quit!

God bless, Pat

"Grace Unplugged"

My sweet hubby bought me the movie "Grace Unplugged" for Valentine's day and we watched it together.         In the movie,  Grace Trey is the ideal Christian teen who is also a phenomenal singer. But at the tender age of eighteen, after she gets the music break of a lifetime and is thrust into the "real world" - her faith is put to the test. The cast includes , , |and more.        I love movies that I can watch as a family and this is one of those movies.  I have read reviews both bad and good for this movie.  After watching it myself, my review is that it is a good movie, one we will watch again and one that I will recommend. It is a movie that you can watch with your spouse, friends or teens. I hope that if you give the movie a chance you will like it as much as we did.
God bless, Pat
I received nothing for this review and is just my unbiased opinion!

God's Valentine! The Greatest Valentine Ever Given!

Today is February 14th, Valentine's day.  It is the day of love and to show your love how much you love them.  People have been crazy every time I have gone to the store lately, trying to find just the right gift for their Valentine.  Restaurants will be full tonight and you will see those rushing to make sure they get a gift before they get put in the dog house.  Then there are those whose Valentine has passed away, maybe they don't feel like they have one and for them they will just be glad when this day is over.
     Over 20 years ago I received the greatest Valentine ever, it was not received on Valentines day but rather was the day I accepted the gift of salvation and Jesus became my Savior.
     Over 2000 years ago God gave a gift for all of us, He gave us His son.  Have you accepted that gift?  If not let Valentines day 2014 be the day you do.        If you don't know how to accept this gift and you never have, talk to your Pastor, your Mom, Dad, friend, or con…

Be A Blessing - Will you join us? A monthly challenge!

Every time I am down or have a need, God always puts the right person in my path to meet the need or to encourage me.  Sometimes they know it and sometimes they might not, it might be a post on facebook or twitter or a card or phone call that comes at just the right moment.  I am so blessed and I want to be that blessing for others.
     I got the idea to have a blessing challenge for me and my family each month.  Then I thought if I shared it with my blog readers we could bless even more people.  So each month on the 13th I will be issuing a blessing challenge.  You will have a month to complete the challenge before I issue the next months.  I hope you will join us as often as you can.  Please feel free to comment and share with us how it went if you so desire.
     This months challenge is this.....February is the month of love.  So many people have lost their husband or wife or maybe they never married and they sort of feel left out.  So this month pick someone that might not…

Have Panda, will travel and PLEASE pray!

When my daughter started to bible college one of the first people she met was Mandi Thompson.  They later became suite mates and friends.  Over the years we have gotten to know her better and have the privilege to watch her grow, get married to Sam Abrams and have their daughter Jocelyn.  Sam was called to be a missionary and they have been on deputation for a couple of years.  We are proud to help support them financially and prayerfully as they go to Hong Kong and do God's work and will.        Jocelyn almost always has her toy panda with her everywhere she has gone, including today they left on their journey to their field in Hong Kong. This morning, Mandi posted on facebook...."Got the panda, our 12 bags, & our sanity (I think!) It was a blessing to have our friends & family at the airport. Lots of tears, good thing no makeup;) Great weather to fly! Answer to prayer! Now, please pray for a calm baby and all our luggage to arrive together! #HKBOUND#GOTTHE…

Now I am the Grandma!

When I was a little girl I got very sick.  I would not drink or eat anything so I ended up dehydrated and in the hospital.  Even when I got home I still would not eat.  My Grandmother, Velma Arthur, said and held me.  She was determined to get me to eat and so she fed me one soggy cheerio at a time and I got better.  Now honestly I was not sure I remembered that from memories or just being told about this so many times. 

        Fast forward almost 50 years,now I am the Grandma and I have four little grands of my own.  The youngest is sick and he has not really eaten in almost four days hardly at all.  Today his Daddy asked me to see if I could get him to eat anything.  Well after many tears and a few prayers, the lightbulb came on. I remembered my Grandma feeding me one cheerio at a time. He didn't eat cheerios but I did end up feeding him one dinosaur spaghetti-o and one m&m at a time. 
        I hope someday in his future he might reach back and have at least a lit…