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30 day Blessing challenge

This is the challenge-for 30 days starting November 1st through November 30th-you will pray and ask God to show you someone you can be a blessing to.
     What you do for that person each day is up to you. It doesn't have to be big, cost a lot of money and might even be free.  It might be a note, a call, a visit, bake some cookies, take them some flowers, make them a meal, watch their kids, the options are endless.  The only given is you give for no reason other than to be a blessing to someone else.
     Let's see at the end of 30 days what God has done through you, me, all of us.  Will you meet me in this challenge?  Comment below if you are taking the challenge, post on your blog if you have one or your facebook page or you can comment on my facebook page at At the end of 30 days I will pick one person from all that took and met the challenge and will send them a little blessing in the mail. You …

****Who Can You Bless Today?****

I am issuing a challenge to anyone who reads this.  The challenge is whenever you read this, stop and pray.  Ask God who you can be a blessing to today.  Blessings don't have to cost a lot and might even be free but to the one receiving it, it might mean the world.  SO will you take the challenge?
God bless, Pat

~Heart Gifts~

 Have you ever heard of heart gifts?Heart gifts are gifts that would cost nothing or next to nothing. The only thing is that the gift has to be thoughtful and from your heart!      Think about what your talents are and how you can bless others with them. Can you sew, can you cook?Use the talents God has given you. For example, maybe you have 3 large apples sitting in your refrigerator right now. How about pulling out your small saucepan and make some nice cinnamon apples for your elderly neighbor down the street? What a wonderful little heart gift that would be! What about the young woman with 3 kids and a husband who just got out of the hospital? What would it mean to her to have you bring a simple crock pot dinner and dessert to her door? Maybe you have flowers in your yard-pick some and take them to the lady who just lost her husband.  Pick up a drink from Sonic for you and the friend who has been seeming down, stop by for a quick visit and give her the drink.  Send a card t…

Encouraging Women

There is nothing like having friends who accept you while encouraging you to be  all that you were created to be.      As ladies we go through so much.  We are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and more and all have expectations from us.  No matter how much you love it all, sometimes it gets hard and you get bogged down. What would it mean if someone noticed and just did a little something to say I care, I noticed, I am here?      It doesn't take a lot of time or money to encourage someone but it might mean a whole lot. Send a short note, make a call, stop by for a short visit or so many other ideas. One thing we can all do is pray but don't just pray but let them know you prayed.  It is not what you do but just that you did.  
     God has really been keeping this on my heart.  This morning I got on facebook and one of the first things I saw was a friend had posted an encouraging little something you could make for a friend.  I am already thinking of who I could do it for.  I am…


What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.  Psalm 56:3

     I have been working on a devotion for church for a ladies meeting.  I am also doing a bible study with some friends.Both of them have to do with fears we might have.  It has all forced me to look at some fears I have.  
     I have also learned that by holding onto these fears I am holding back in my trust with God. I also have realized that these fears affect my relationships with others.  My fears help form who I am and what I do, where I go and just about all areas of my life.  I may have known this but I have never faced it in the way I am now.  We all have fears of something but we should give those fears to God, we should trust in Him.
      Do you have fears you are holding onto?  Are they affecting your relationship with God, your family, your friends?  I challenge you to stop and think and look hard at your heart, they might be affecting you and even others much more than you think.

God bless,