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Mother Duck and Jesus

This morning in class at church with my kids we learned about how God is always there to protect us from the storms of life. He will hide us like a Moma duck protects her babies from the storm. When the Moma sees the rain and senses a storm, she calls the baby ducks back to her and hides them under her wings. They can only be protected though if they answer her call and come running back to her. What storms of life is the Lord calling you back from? Are you listening to the call or are you still running in the rain?

God bless, Pat

Always Word of the Year Update

This is a very hard blog post for me to write.  I am sharing in hopes that it will help someone else as the events shared have impacted me.      Back in January I had made a post about my word of the year for this year.  The word I felt led to choose was always.  I was thinking today about how this word has impacted my life this year in the first 3 months or so.  I was not happy where this word has been in my life I am ashamed to say.      In talked to my husband,my family and God, I see the word always in my life a lot but not in the way I had hoped for it to be.  In the conversations I have heard things like this:
1) Always complaining
2) Always trying to get around blame
3) Always taking the stress of one person out on another
4) Always has an excuse for what is not done
This was not what I was looking for when I felt led to this word.  I did not want to hear this from the ones I love, but I needed to hear them.  I didn't to take responsibility and accept it so I could move forwa…

Unshaken-A Book, A Review and a Recomendation

Rarely would I say a book changed my life but Unshaken has done just that. For those who have never heard of Moms in Prayer, you will be surprised to discover that it is a quiet, but powerful movement that has covered the world through the prayers of women who, in the process of praying for children and schools, teach other women to pray. The prayer format of Moms in Prayer, is explained in this book and shows how to approach God through praise, confession, and thanksgiving, and then intercede for others by praying His words for them.
I used to have a problem for even praying for 5 minutes. My mind would wonder and sometimes I would think if my prayers were even making sense or being heard. Through this book I learned to be more effective and strengthened in my prayer life. When we pray God’s word we can be sure He is faithful to hear us. We then give it to Him and await His answer. He will help you to understand how He answers your requests too.
If you want to l…

Journey of Life-Learning that Being Me is Just Fine

As I go along on this journey, I have discovered not everyone will understand the decisions you make.  They won't understand the things you give up, fight for, or change.  That's okay, they don't have to understand, it is your life, your journey, not theirs.  

     Another thing I have noticed is this, people will try to make it all a competition. Its not a competition, its life.  Worse than that though,if they can't win, they will try to make you feel like you are a loser.  Don't let them make you agree, you are a child of the King of Kings and God made you like He wanted.  Don't let anyone drag you down so they can use you to feel better, or so they think.

     Sometimes you will lose "friends" and maybe family.  You will grieve as it is natural.  But as you make changes you will feel better about you.  As you change, others will see the change and the ones who really matter will encourage you, support you and help you on your journey.  One day I…

Tball has came to Our World

We have our first grandchild to play Tball this year.  Jet is so excited to be playing too.  This past Saturday was opening ceremonies and also his first game.  It worked out that our whole family could actually be there to support him for this first of many tball games this spring and probably to come.

Here is a video of his first time up at bat.....if you are ever stressed, just go watch 4-5 year olds play tball and you won't be stressed when it is over.
This is just a small update of our life at the moment.
God bless, Pat

Peace Comes From The Lord