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The Simple Woman's Daybook {April Edition}

For Today

Looking out my window... Sunny spring day with still a touch of coolness
I am thinking... that nothing takes God by surprise and we need to lean on Him more and less on ourselves
I am thankful... that even when I don't like me, God loves me

One of my favorite things... spending time with my husband
Taken at our Cowboy Carnival held at our church this past Sunday

I am wearing... Tshirt, jeans and my new cute compression socks
I am creating... boundaries so that I don't get lost in the shuffle of life and be me, the me I am happy with and not the me that others want me to be

I am watching... House Improvement shows, not really into a series but just enjoy these that I can sit and watch a episode and if I miss one, no big deal and then just watch the next one when I have time to sit down and watch

I am reading...I hit a wall on reading the bible through in a year but am reading my daily plans at You version on my phone

I am listening to... cartoons and the younger 2 kids playing …

The Simple Woman's Daybook {March Edition} March 12, 2018

For Today

Looking out my window...a little cool but sunny and nice
I am thinking... about how much I hate the effects of this time change on my grands

I am thankful... for friends who pick me up when I want to give up
One of my favorite things...  listening to my windchimes and birds singing
I am wearing... redpants, church tshirt and tennis shoes

I am creating...  growing minds at the moments, homeschooling my grands, preparing them for the future the Lord has for them

I am watching...nothing at the moment, my little bit of tv time tends to be Paw Patrol and Vamparina with the grands
I am reading... my bible and trying to make time for quiet time with me and the Lords word each day
I am listening to...Casting Crowns are a favorite right now
Praise You In The Storm This one is getting me through right now
I am hoping... for spring to be here soon, so ready
I am learning... thatyou have to do what is right even when people are trashing you and tearing you down with their lies
In the kitchen... chick…

5 Minutes After You Die!

Bro JD Weido
5 Minutes After You Die
1) You will believe but will it be too late for you?
2) You will seek repentance but it will be too late to find it
3) You will Honor Jesus by bowing the knee, every knee will
4) You will be at your final destination---
Heaven or Hell, where will you be?
5) You will be sealed for one of two judgements---
Which one will you face? The Judgement seat of Christ for
Christians or The Great White Throne of Judgement which
will be where you will face the 2nd death of hell
I hope this will make you think as much as it did me

Someone Cares-Let them know!

Somebody out there needs to hear that someone loves them today, that someone cares. Tell them, make a phone call, make a visit, send a card. I challenge you to ask God to lay someone on your heart and then do one of the above for them. Bonus if you ask for 3 people and do all of the above, one for each.

The Simple Woman's Daybook {January Edition}

The Simple Woman's Daybook {January Edition} For Today

Looking out my window... sunny and hope the ice will finally melt away
I am thinking... when God led me to the word change for this year I had no idea the changes that were ahead for me and my family Still not sure how all the changes are going to play out and prayers still needed and appreciated
I am thankful... it has warmed up some and at least my water is no longer frozen

One of my favorite things... making memories with my grands  Playing in the snow, we got around 4 inches which is very unusual Snow ice cream was a must
I am wearing... Tshirt, sweatpants, compression socks, wool socks and tennis shoes
I am creating... spaces for the kids to have more room to play when they are staying at the house with us I am watching...alot of my friends and my son are telling me to watch "Blue Bloods" on netflix so will be checking that out and also waiting on the new season of "When Calls The Heart"
I am reading... I really w…

Changes, happening, facing, accepting and making!

     I knew when God led me to the word "Change" for this year, well it meant change was going to be coming in my life.  I was hoping for losing the 25 pounds I gained back after losing 80 last year and hopefully losing the rest of the weight I need to lose.  I was hoping to read the bible through this year, focus more on self care, focus more on date nights and spending time with my husband.  I was hoping for more game nights with my family and grands.  These were changes I was ready to welcome and looked forward to.  

     I still look forward to some of these changes I hope but some of the changes that have happened so far this year were not ones I was expecting or even looking forward to.  Not sure some of them are the changes I would have chosen for me or the ones I love but they are the ones that have happened.  However I am learning that if change doesn't happen, life becomes stagnant and sometimes it just brings sadness and not the joy, peace or happiness we want …

New year, new day, new chances!

Its January 1st, what changes do you want to make in your life?  What do you want to start doing?  What do you want to stop doing?  There will never be a better day that now to make these changes.  It is day 1, new year, new month, new week, new day,  What is stopping you? My year for 2018 is "Change". Many changes need to be made.  Some will be easy, some will be hard, some will not be wanted and some will fall by the wayside.  But 2018 here I am and with God by my side I am going to face them all head on and in a year if I am sitting here I hope I have good reports to share.  I will proud of what I succeeded at forgive me and others for failures but I just want to be closer to where and what God wants me to be.   God bless and lets get this started!