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5 Minutes After You Die!

Bro JD Weido
5 Minutes After You Die
1) You will believe but will it be too late for you?
2) You will seek repentance but it will be too late to find it
3) You will Honor Jesus by bowing the knee, every knee will
4) You will be at your final destination---
Heaven or Hell, where will you be?
5) You will be sealed for one of two judgements---
Which one will you face? The Judgement seat of Christ for
Christians or The Great White Throne of Judgement which
will be where you will face the 2nd death of hell
I hope this will make you think as much as it did me

Someone Cares-Let them know!

Somebody out there needs to hear that someone loves them today, that someone cares. Tell them, make a phone call, make a visit, send a card. I challenge you to ask God to lay someone on your heart and then do one of the above for them. Bonus if you ask for 3 people and do all of the above, one for each.