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My Treasures-4 week Mini Bible Study (A Review)

I was given a chance to get this book and to do a review on it.  It came at the perfect time for us I thought.  Billy had recently gone back to work and we needed to work on getting our money back on a budget.  This book is not about that though. My Treasures is not about how to budget or spend your money but really more about your attitude toward the money God has given you. It taught me that God will provide for our needs and he did all those months Billy was unemployed but this book also taught me money is not important in itself.  God and things of heaven should be what we are working for not money and more money to buy things.

The book is
My Treasures - Four Week Mini Bible Study (Becoming Press Mini Bible Studies) byHeather Bixler and is available from  It is affordable and will teach you so much.

Each week's study includes the following:
Life Application
Memory Verse with application steps for all 7 days
Discussion Questions

It takes you step by s…

New Computer and I am back!

My computer died so was off the computer for awhile, but then hubby bought me a new laptop so I am back online.  While I was offline I thought about of I wanted to start blogging again.  I am not sure if anybody reads this or even cares but then I thought I care.  I started this as sort of a place to capture memories so I am back and I am here.  I am not sure what I will post about, it might be a meme, a review or just how life is going with The Loves but you are welcome to join in and read along if you want.

God bless,