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Journey Through Life:Date Night Conversations

I have been feeling down, depressed, overwhelmed and sometimes angry for awhile. I have tried so hard to get to a better place. I do better for awhile and then things start making me feel like I am suffocating again. I have tried to pray but sometimes I felt like I wasn't sure if my prayers were even reaching the Lord.

Last night Billy went on a date night for late Valentines since he had to work on the 14th. After we went to eat, we went to Walmart and bought each other something for a gift. We don't do traditional or big but we did have fun picking out the gifts.He wanted a 6 pack of Pepsi's and the first season of "Touched by an Angel" on DVD. I asked for "Bad Moms" on DVD and a "fake" fitbit/watch. He also bought me a teal colored frog cause I needed it,he said.

The best part of the evening though was this, we took a LONG drive, and we had a LONG conversation. We talked about a lot of different things, just light conve…

My Walk With God

I have recently thinking about my walk with God.  Now, I am not talking about me and God going out and taking a walk together.  I am talking about my relationship with God.
      I know I am saved but I seem to have gotten away from that close walk with God.  I started thinking what had changed,where was God?  God is right there where He always has been and always will be.  I am the one who has walked away.  I have changed.  I am tired, I am busy, I have so much to do.  My prayers are sent towards heaven even as I am headed in another direction.  I read my bible but it is usually as I am teaching school or hoping I don't fall asleep before I get done.  I have walked away.        This is the view down my street.  As I go out each day I have a choice if I go left or right and the direction I choose will determine where I end up.  As we walk through life we have choices about direction too.  We can go right and follow God or go wrong and not be where we need to be.  When we …

Journey Through Life

I wrote about this "Journey Through Life" this morning.  I thought I would share here in case it spoke to anyone as it spoke to me in my quiet time this morning. 
 I was looking though facebook this morning and I saw the picture above.  I just kept looking at it.  I knew God was trying to speak to me through this picture.  I started having my quiet time and this is sort of what came from it. 

  I have been struggling with some stuff for a while and I keep thinking one day I will wake up and it will all be fixed and better. I realized in quiet time this morning though that is not going to happen. Some days will be better and some days people will say and do things that really hurt. That doesn't mean I failed though, I am me and they are them. Even if I fail or they hurt me or I have a really good day, we are all on a journey of life.

   Life is like a road with twists and turns and bumps and beautiful spots like in this picture. We just have to walk our journey as best we ca…

The Simple Woman's Daybook for February 2nd and Giveaway Winner

For Today(really tonight)

Looking out my window I see a cold dark night that is too cold for me
I am thinking I am going to keep blogging even if for me only.  I saw a quote today that said, Jesus had 12 followers and Hitler had 4 million.  I would much rather be closer to Jesus than Hitler so even if I only have a few blog followers I am okay with that, thanks everyone.
I am thankful for my husband, he is so sweet, I found this on my laptop when I got up this morning
One of my favorite things is to spend time with my grands and I get to homeschool them so that owrks out well
I am creating Nothing but trying to create a plan so I can better keep up with my busy life and not miss bill dates, appointments etc
I am wearing Blue workout pants and grey tshirt, my normal wear most days

I am reading  trying to read the bible and not doing very well with that so not trying much else right now

I am hoping to draw closer to God and to live in peace that I am in His will even if people don't think so
I am le…

Does Anyone? And a giveaway!

Sometimes I wonder does anyone even read here.  I wonder if this blogs time has come and gone.  I sometimes think, well I will just write for me and use it like a diary of sorts.  I am just not sure what to do.  I really enjoy writing the blog but......
     I decided I am going to continue for at least the month of February and see what happens.  Since February is the month of love and my last name is "Love" and I am trying to decide if I love this blog anymore, I am going to to have a "Love" giveaway. All you have to do to be entered to have a chance to win is leave a comment on this post on my blog.  I will choose a winner from all the comments.

Until next time or until I choose a winner of the giveaway, Pat