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Life as I know It, where I have been and a giveaway....

        I know I have not posted lately because I got hurt and I could not get on the computer for awhile then I just got the blahs.
     Just to let you know, if you don't already.  On August 31st I was helping my daughter-in-law hang curtains in the kids bedrooms in their house they were getting ready to move into.  Well, I fell after we hung the last one and ended up going by ambulance to the ER.  This led to braces, a walker, 2 knee surgeries, a pulled hamstring and oh so much more.  I am still recuperating from the 2nd knee surgery but am doing much better.  This has been a long process.  
      Good things have come from this bad thing such as Jenny being forced to drive, people learning to stand on their own feet a little and I have received so many, many wonderful blessings from food, money, visits, cards and most of all prayers.  Still I have let the devil put me in the blahs but the blahs need to go.

      So, I decided to have a giveaway and be a blessing to s…

The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ October 18

I tried another blog meme but just felt pulled back to this one, I just enjoy it so much more...nothing against others but this is just right for me,hope you will enjoy it too, God bless all!

Here is my Daybook entry for today ~
Outside my window. the sun is shining and it is a nice fall day, hoping for some rain soon though
I am thinking. . .I have so much that needs to be done and not quite sure where to begin
From the learning room. . .getting us back on pace with our paces after my surgeries and other setbacks
I am thankful for. .  my friends and family-I am so blessed
From the kitchen. . .so many dishes and stuff that did not get done this weekend
I am wearing. . .pink shirt and blue capris
I am creating. . .some thank you cards to send out for all that has been done for me recently
I am going. . to be so busy for the whole week, pray I can get it all done
I am reading. . .mostly just my bible, need …

Book Review-Embracing Your Second Calling

I was sent a book to review for a while back and it took me awhile to get through the book.  It took me a little while to admit I might fit in the category of this book.  It is a book by Dale Hansen Bourke about the second half of your life and your calling for it.  I have known since my first child was born almost 24 years ago that my calling was to care for my children, home and hubby.  I worked with the Children's ministries at church also.  Children was my life at home and for God.  Then I looked around for a second and my children were all grown or almost there.  I wasn't quite sure where I was or what my calling from God was anymore.
     This book is a good guide to help you that the next part of your life is still valuable and what you and God see as your calling to serve Him.  I recommend this book for anyone who finds themselves at that point in their life where they need to slow down and maybe even stop, take stock and see where they are and whe…