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I Donated To Locks Of Love!

Billy and I recently went on a trip to Hot Springs to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary.  We had so much fun walking, going on a picnic and just being together.  We were going out somewhere nice to eat for the actual day and he treated me to a special day which included a haircut.
     When I got to the salon and she saw how long it was she asked me about donating to locks of love which makes wigs for people who have lost their hair to cancer.  I lost my Dad to leukemia and have had several other family members battle cancer.  Some won and some lost the battle. This is for all of them.  So I decided to go for it, so here is the before shot.......

and here is the after.....
     It's a big change but definitely a cause worth supporting.  I have LOTS of love for Locks of love.  Maybe you could consider supporting them too.  Your hair will grow again and it could make a world of difference in the life of someone.      This song says more than I could ever say, hope you wi…

I Wear Purple!

Somedays you look at me and all you see is an overweight, older woman.  You see me as maybe lazy and unhealthy.  I am unhealthy ( though working on it as best as I can).  But what you don't see is why I wear purple.

Why? Because I have sarcoidosis.  You might not know what that is.  I had never heard of it til I was diagnosed with it.  But I live with it every day, some days are worse than others.
The more people are aware and the more research done, the sooner maybe we can find a cure.
Mine was found in my lungs but now causes problems for me in lots of other areas.  I am sharing this not for pity but to raise awareness and someday, if not for me, for others, to find a cure. If you have other questions I will do my best to answer them.
God bless. Pat

I Kissed A Frog!

They say if you kiss a frog, he will turn into your prince.  Well, I didn't kiss a frog but on August 16, 1986 I married Billy.
     Twenty five years later, still no frog but I married Billy again in a vow renewal service. This weekend on August 16, 2014 I finally kissed a frog and you know what they are right, if you kiss a frog you will get a prince and here is mine....      Yep, he was there all along, my prince and my hubby of 28 wonderful years and from that love and marriage has come this.....      I kissed a frog and I think I hit the jackpot, my prince, and a great big family that I love with all my heart! Have you kissed a frog?
God bless, Pat

Blessed Week! Have One and Then Share It With Others! It Could All Start With Just A Smile!

Most times how our day, week, whatever turns out is not what happens but how we react to it.  So choose joy, choose blessings, choose to smile and then share that smile with others and see what happens.  Try to think back to when someone last did something that made you smile or brightened your day? Do you remember how it made you feel happy and less stressed? Do you remember how it allowed you to be more friendly with your friends and family? A simple smile or friendly gesture by that stranger had an effect on your whole world, even if only for a few hours. It rippled through the people in your life. That's pretty good when you stop and think about it.
Blessings, Miracles,Peace,Love, Joy, and Hope---it all could start with your smile, so my prayer for anyone reading this is simple, have a blessed week and share it with everyone you meet. Start with just a smile and see what happens from there.
God bless, Pat

Simple Woman's Daybook-August-A Peek Into My Day(week)

I thought I would join my friend, Peggy's,  The Simple Woman's Blog Daybook for August!

FOR TODAY August 6, 2014

Outside my window...The sun is shining and it is HOT!

 I am much I still need to get done before I start homeschooling my youngest granddaughter next week

I am thankful...that I got to spend the day with my son and grands today

In the kitchen..Need to clean and figure out what is for supper

I am wearing...jeans and an Arkansas Razorbacks breast cancer tshirt

I am creating...curriculum and schedules for preschool
I am going...To church tonight

I am my meeting at church is going to go tomorrow night

I am reading..Bible and Ask Me Anything, Lord by Heather King

I am have lost weight when I go back to the Dr next week

I am looking forward to...preschool this year

I am learning...that it is ok to say no sometimes

Around the house...the kids are a little wild, but school starts back next week so it will be quieter then

I am ponder…

And Two Shall Become One!

My husband and I said said "I do" almost 28 years ago, August 16, 1986. We said for better or worse, richer or poorer, no matter what until death do us part. For so many it does not mean that, it means I do until you make me mad, I see someone better or I am just tired of being married. Believe me over 28 years we have had richer and poorer, better and worse but we are still alive and we are still together. It hasn't always been easy but with God we have made it.

     However, recently, God has been working on me about something. I have stuck with Billy, and he with me, but have I really done and do I do as I should? When we got married we were no longer two but we became one. In Matthew 19:5 it says " And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?" and in Mark 10:8 it says " And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh." So …

30 Days of Summer Through My eyes-Last 2 days and goodbye to this challenge

I have been participating in a 30 days of summer challenge and here are my last 2 photos of summer to me......

My sweet little youngest grandson
and my youngest little granddaughter helping me say bye to everyone for this challenge......
I have been taking part in Summer: 30 Days Through My Eyes hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman Blog. It has been so much fun and I can't wait til the fall challenge. Check in at her blog in you think you might want to join in next time.
God bless, Pat

30 Days of Summer through my eyes-Rainy days

I am participating in a 30 days of summer photo challenge-it is how you see, smell, feel summer etc so for today I am doing this picture and it smells like rain though I wish you could see it was raining better.
     I am also doing a photo each day for the month of August for another challenge.  If you want to participate in it then go to.... I am not sure if this qualifies as landscape or not but it is the bushes and trees I see out my front door.

I am also taking part in Summer: 30 Days Through My Eyes hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman Blog.
God bless, Pat