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Gave it to God and an answer to prayer!

Recently i was really struggling with something.  It really had me down.  I sought counsel, talked to pastor, talked to God and was still just so down.  I tried to say I was giving it to God, but I really wasn't.  I kept struggling and letting it overpower me.

     Then hubby got a call about a possible job.  He is unemployed and has been looking for a job to no avail.  When he got the call about this one, I started praying God would give it to him.  God said why could I ask Him to give Billy a job but yet I could not give Him this problem?  He said why should He help Billy when I would not let Him help me.  Boy this was hard but I gave the burden to God and less than an hour later I was posting on facebook that Billy got the job.

     Now I am still hurt but I am leaving it with God.  I have done what God and pastor asked me to do and now I am moving on and so is hubby to his new job. Praise to God for all, the lifted burden and the job!
God bless,

How To Encourage A Friend!

Do you ever feel down?  Does the devil tell you no one cares?  I know I feel this way sometimes;like no really cares.  Now, I know they do but it is so easy when you are tired, stressed and overwhelmed to start to believe the devils lies.  If we know we feel that way, you can be sure your friends do too.        One way we can combat his lies is to encourage one another.  It says in the bible......we are to edify one another in I Thessalonians 5:11.  Edify, encourage, build up, comfort.  So we know we should do it.  SO how do we do it?  
     Here are a few ideas.....
1}Take a picture (of your friend, of the two of you, of a sign, anything that says them to you). Print it out and write a note telling them specifically how they are making a difference in lives. Mail it to them. 2}Send them a text. 3}Remember their birthday 4} Make  a mindmap.Here’s what that is: Put their name in the middle of a piece of paper. Around it make 5 lists: odd things they do; ways they care about others; objec…

Daily Quiet Time with Kids!

Do you have a daily quiet time with God?  I was talking about this with some friends and they said “ It is hard cause my little ones keep interrupting.”  I started thinking of ways that they could get their quiet time and not be disturbed every two minutes by their kids.  I talked to others and they said they get up early before the kids.  Well at my house as soon as I got started doing something they woke up.  So how can we do it when the kids are up to?  Below are some ideas I came up with or borrowed from others.  I hope some of these ideas might work for you and yours.

*For younger ones have a special "quiet time corner" for the kids. This could include a table and chairs, Bible coloring books, crayons and other art supplies, Bible story books, tapes, puzzles, etc. They can have their own quiet time while you finish yours.

For older ones maybe have some time together with them before everyone goes to have their own quiet time…..
* Memorize scripture with them.
*Pray about co…

A Good Read!

I have a good friend who blogs.  I have been reading her blog for a long time and I have had the privilege of meeting her and her sweet family also.  I  really enjoy her posts and I think some of ya'll might too.  They have also been making me think about some things.  I hope they might help some of ya'll like they help me.  Please go check her out at I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do.  If you like what you read, please comment and let her know.
God bless, Pat