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Superhero Sunday at Bible Baptist Church( and the whole hero month)

This past Sunday we had Superhero Sunday in Children's church.  We have been learning on a series about heroes......
     The first Sunday we learned that Missionaries are our heroes.  Though we honored all Missionaries, our focus Missionaries were The Pitmans-----to Vanuatu

The 2nd week we honored our parents but especially our mothers since it was Mother's Day......
The 3rd week we honored our everyday heroes,  these included Police, Fireman and Paramedics..... We made cards for 2 of our own......for Police Appreciation
This week was Superhero Sunday and we honored the greatest hero of all time and that is Jesus! But we let the kids dress up and they had a blast and we had one with them.....

We love working with the kids and want them to have fun as they learn about the Lord and growing and living for Him.  I appreciate all the parents who let us teach their children and all the teachers who help.
God bless, Pat

Giveaway Winner is.......

Sandra King
Sandra you are the winner of the scripture picture from my blog commenting contest.  You can send me your address at
Congrats and thanks for all who read, comment or just visit my blog.

5 Senses Today-What Are Yours Telling You Today?

Five Senses : May 19th May 19th
seeing ~ 
the bedroom that needs cleaning and decluttering and yet
hearing ~
the fan blowing quietly

smelling ~

tasting ~ 
sweet hot tea my sweet son made

feeling ~
so excited to see the garden the grands and I are planting

How about you...what are your 5 senses telling you today?

Kindergarten Graduation and Awards Assembly

Last Friday night our Christian school had Graduation and Awards Assembly.  My grands got o Maranatha Baptist Christian school which is sponsored by our church, Bible Baptist Church.   My youngest granddaughter Faithe-Makenzie (ZZ) was one of the Kindergarten graduates!
These pictures are her receiving her diploma from our Pastor Bro JD Weido

She also received Pastor's Honor Roll, Scripture Memory and Most Improved

Jonathan Jr (JJ) got Pastor's Honor Roll and Scripture Memory

Charity-Anne (Nene) also received Pastor's Honor Roll, Scripture Memory and Most Creative Awards

Also ZZ performed with her class and other friends of songs and things they have learned this year
This is ZZ in her Dr Seuss dress in front of the Kindergarten table for the reception after graduation.  Jenny and I designed and decorated the table and her Nonna made her dress

She is now all graduated as she said :)
I am so proud of ZZ, Nene and JJ all and thankful they are receiving a Christian education…

One Bad Moment Is Not A Bad Day Nor A Bad Life!

My Word for 2016 is Hope, A progress report and How I found Hope!

      For a few years now I have been praying and seeking God's will for one word to be my focus for the year.  This year I felt God was leading me to hope.  Well now we are five months in to the year and I am making a progress report.     The dictionary says hope is a feeling that what is wanted will happen. I think so. I hope so! My plan was to have hope, seek hope and to find  joy and peace as I hoped and trusted the Lord. I felt led to hope because in some ways, I’d lost myself and I’d lost my hope. And when you don’t have hope, you don’t know who you are or where to turn.       I searched for hope but finally after much searching I realized hope is not something you can search for, it just is, from God and of God.  Wow, when I realized that, God began restoring my hope. My hope in Him, this world, and myself.        I have been through alot so far this year but as I read His word, seek His will and listen to Him, I find me, I find Him and I find hope.  If you have lost your hope…

Tired of Faking it Til I make it and What I am learning Along the Way!

This may be good for some people and in some situations but I have reached a point in my life that this is no longer working or where I want to be.  I don't want to whine or complain or have pity parties but I can't and won't fake it anymore.
I am not trying to have a pity party, I just want joy, I want people who encourage not people who are just looking for something to talk about, people who smile at you and then talk about you.  I also want to be that for others.
I have taken a few steps back and am searching for answers.  I am reading my bible more and I mean really reading.  I am not doing the "I read 12 chapters today" and yet got nothing.  I may read 1 verse or 20 chapters but I really read and seek to see what God is saying to me.  I am writing scriptures in a scripture writing plan too.  Jenny and I are sharing our writings and our thoughts to keep each other accountable and to encourage each other.  I am seeking sometimes also to just sit, to be still…

The Simple Woman's Daybook May 10th

For Today
Looking out my window I see sunshine and redbirds and redbirds are a sign from God to me that all is going to be okay

I am thinking that I really need this time away from social media to really spend time alone with God and in His word
I am thankful for friends who are so kind and who check on me without judgement

One of my favorite things is spending time with my family
I am wearing navy exercise pants and royal blue tshirt and tennis shoes
I am creating a journal of Scripture that I am writing with friends

I am  listening to songs from "War Room"
I am hoping that I will let God show me what I need to see and hear from Him
I am learning that time alone with God is not a want but a need, a  "have to"
In the school room School is out til June when we will start summer school
In my garden  new stuff for Mother's day

Post Script I have a giveaway going on over at my blog…

The Love's from Living Life With the Love's

For any new readers here I thought I would share the Love's that make up Living Life With The Love's

Billy's Parents Carrol and Frankie Love My Parents Mack and Joan McClellan
                                                               Me,Billy and our oldest Jonathan
          Top left is oldest son Jonathan and his wife Jenny, Top right is our daughter Amanda and her husband Anthony Master and bottom left is our youngest son Stephen.

         These are just random pictures of our family.  So well now you know this is The Love's and if you read much here I am sure you will see many more pictures of all The Love's who are my loves!