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Faith Friday-Sharing My Heart

Sharing my heart ---I have been down so far, I try to put on a smile and just go on but that is not what is inside. For most of last year our family fought a huge battle and it was hard. But not just this battle but others also that almost seemed too much to bare. The devil fights hard but praise God , the Lord is bigger. I know that in my heart but I have let it push me down so far. I just gave up on some things and unfortunately some people.

Not blaming anyone but me but I quit taking care of myself physically and spiritually. I made decisions that were not good and now they are catching up with me. I have alternated between doing what I wanted when I wanted to trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be. Neither one works by the way.

I have been talking to some special people and the Lord a lot more lately. I am ready to follow the path I need to follow in all areas of my life. It may not be your path, it might not be the path you would choose for me but I a…

Book Review Thursday and A Contest

I know not everyone likes to read but I do. I love curling up with a book and a sweet tea from Sonic, my kind of relaxation. I am doing more book reviews now but I will be doing them only on Thursdays from now on. So for Book review Thursday and to get a little more publicity for my blog I am going to have a contest. If you share my blog..... you will get one entry and this one is mandatory before you can receive another entry if you share a book you have enjoyed you get another entry. Next week, February 4th on Book Review Thursday I will choose one winner and they can choose a free book from my bookshelf or a free $5.00 Sonic card to get their favorite drink. Anybody up for a contest?

The Storm Inside---A Book Review

I got the book The Storm Inside,by Shelia Walsh a long time ago.  Somehow it never got read until now and I wish I had read it much sooner.  It gives women insight into what really goes on inside each of us. As women many days we can feel so out of control. We are so busy and feel pulled in so many directions.  When the storms come we do not have to be afraid and depressed. We can rise above the storm and overcome the chaos.
     This book shows how to get through one's storms and come out stronger on the other side. This book gives examples of how failures, struggles & fears can strengthen us.  This book also offers an end section of helpful tools to overcome the storms, like Bible verses, journaling and prayers. We can fight the storm by standing on God's word and promises. We may feel we are in a storm but we have Jesus who is the Master of the Wind and controls the very storm. I truly wish I had read this book sooner and I recommend it to anyone who feels like th…

Hope Is Hard......but I will always have HOPE!

My word for 2016 is "Hope".  In 2015 it was "Rest" and it was a battle all year long to see where God was leading and what He was teaching me.  In some ways I still feel I failed.  This year I felt led to hope.  Hope is believing and trying again and not giving up.  At least this is what I thought.
We are almost through the first month and hope is not as easy as I thought, hope is hard.  The harder you try to hope and to try, the harder the world tries to take your hope away. People want you to fail, to give up hope.  Month 2 of 2016 is coming and I am not giving up on hope.  I will try again  and keep trying, keep hoping and that is all I can do.

God bless, Pat

Trim Healthy Mama Plan-My Book Review

Several of my friends are always jumping from one diet to the next.  But I have never heard as much discussion about any plan til I started hearing "Have you heard of THM?", "You should try Trim Healthy Mama.",
     My daughter-in-law was one to jump on the bandwagon.  She had the original book and I borrowed it and I started reading it... and then gave it back to her the next day. It was just too much. While I have no doubt these ladies have done their research, I didn't want to spend that much time thinking about my food!  As many as I have heard say they love the plan, I also heard much confusion because it was just so much information in one big book.
     So when I saw that there was a new book that was so much easier I wanted to check it out.  It The plan, however, is not that "easy" really and you can tell that, not just from getting the book but from a quick glance at all the  women everywhere are asking questions about what type of meal th…

War Room, The Battle Plan for Prayer and a Giveaway

Last year when it came out I was blessed to see "War Room" at the movies.  In fact, I saw it 2 times.  It made me laugh, cry and see an area in my life I needed to work on and that was my prayer life.  

For Christmas my husband and son gave me the movie on DVD and also this book.  I have let the devil distract me from where I knew the Lord was leading me.  God has kept pressing on my heart and so for February (well actually starting today) I will be watching the movie again and I will be reading this book.  I will be working on making my prayer closet and seeing where God will lead.

The verse I will be claiming is this

Now this is where God is leading me and I hope that you will seek Gods will for you and your prayer life also.  I am hosting a giveaway to help you have the tools to work on making your prayer life better.  So if you would like to win this prayer package giveaway comment on this blog post or message me at
On Monday February 1, 2016 I…


War Room was one of the biggest movies of 2015.  I was blessed to go and see it at the movies and then received the DVD for Christmas too.

     Every since the movie came out, I have heard so many talking about their war room.  The movie really made me think.  I was one of those who came home looking for a place to make a war room in my home.

For those who have not seen the movie, a war room is your prayer closet.  A place you go to and pray to God for people and needs in your life.  When you pray in secret, God hears and answers you.  So many have made prayer rooms in their homes but something God recently has been saying to me is this, so you have a war room but do you have room for me? 

Many years ago when Jesus came to this earth as that tiny baby, there was no room at the Inn, no one had room for the baby to be born.  Jesus ended up being born in a stable and laid in a manger, made for animals.

Many years later, Jesus is still knocking on doors looking for room for Him.  H…

Simple Woman's Daybook January 4, 2016

Outside my window... the sun is shining but it is cool, noise from next door where a neighbor is remodeling a house, nice winter day
I am thinking... about my schedule-trying to get on some sort of schedule and getting back on eating better and exercise
I am thankful... for friends who never give up on me and who encourage me when I do want to give up I am wondering... how my husbands Dr's appointment will go on Wednesday and praying for no surgery
I am going... to work on my schedule and plans for the year 2016
In the kitchen... I am prepping for supper for Billy and T.  I will be gone to a meeting tonight. We are eating at a local restaurant-salad and grilled chicken for me I am the moment only my bible but will be making a reading list in the next few days I hope
A quote that caught my eye...

I am pondering... where God wants me to be and where He wants for me to go this yearI am hoping... to continue with my crafting and get better at it and make more presents this year

2 New Jars-Ideas I Am Doing in 2016-Joy Jar and Penny Challenge

The first is the 365 day penny challenge.  This is the jar I made to use in this challenge this year.  The idea is on day 1 you put a penny in the jar, on day 2 you put 2 pennies and on the 365th day you put 365 pennies .  or $3.65 If you do this for the year you will have saved $667.95.  I am thinking Christmas shopping money and since you do so little each day that it won't be a problem for me.
This 2nd one is more for the whole family.  The idea behind it is this;anytime something makes you happy, gives you joy, something you want to remember you write it down on a piece of paper.  You put the paper in the jar and on New Year's Eve we will take them all out and remember the joys, good things of 2016.
Just 2 little ideas that may seem silly to some but another something we are trying to have more positivity and joy in this year. What are you doing if anything?
God bless, Pat

2016-Hope and Changes

I thought I was ready for 2016, my word was going to be GROW and I was ready to grow in all areas of my life.  But apparently this was what I wanted.  Last year I chose REST and it did not quite go the way I wanted.  I did face it went the way it needed to go though.  
Well, looks like this year is not going to go the way I had planned but I am praying it will go the way God wants and that is best anyway.  I chose GROW but God chose HOPE and so HOPE it is.  I am excited to see where God takes me this year.  I see lots of changes ahead, I hope I will make the right ones. The verses God has given me for this year are these....

So where is God leading you this year?  I would love to hear about your verses, words, plans or whatever you have.
God bless, Pat

Raw Faith (Book Review)

When I saw this book was about her battle with cancer and her journey with God through it, I knew I had to read it.  So many precious people close to me have fought this cancer battle, some winning and some losing.  In "Raw Faith", she was forced to prove what she said she believed or lose her faith in God altogether.  This book makes you feel you are walking beside her as she faces and wins this battle.      You or no one you love may never and I pray ya'll don't have to face a battle with cancer.  However pain and painful challenges at some point face us all.  we will either lean on God or run.  I recommend this book to all especially if cancer has faced your family or you.
I was provided a copy of Raw Faith to review by the kind people at Tyndale House Publishers. All opinions are my own.
God bless, Pat