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The Simple Woman's Daybook {January Edition}

The Simple Woman's Daybook {January Edition} For Today

Looking out my window... sunny and hope the ice will finally melt away
I am thinking... when God led me to the word change for this year I had no idea the changes that were ahead for me and my family Still not sure how all the changes are going to play out and prayers still needed and appreciated
I am thankful... it has warmed up some and at least my water is no longer frozen
One of my favorite things... making memories with my grands  Playing in the snow, we got around 4 inches which is very unusual Snow ice cream was a must
I am wearing... Tshirt, sweatpants, compression socks, wool socks and tennis shoes
I am creating... spaces for the kids to have more room to play when they are staying at the house with us
I am watching...alot of my friends and my son are telling me to watch "Blue Bloods" on netflix so will be checking that out and also waiting on the new season of "When Calls The Heart"
I am reading... I really w…
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Changes, happening, facing, accepting and making!

     I knew when God led me to the word "Change" for this year, well it meant change was going to be coming in my life.  I was hoping for losing the 25 pounds I gained back after losing 80 last year and hopefully losing the rest of the weight I need to lose.  I was hoping to read the bible through this year, focus more on self care, focus more on date nights and spending time with my husband.  I was hoping for more game nights with my family and grands.  These were changes I was ready to welcome and looked forward to.  

     I still look forward to some of these changes I hope but some of the changes that have happened so far this year were not ones I was expecting or even looking forward to.  Not sure some of them are the changes I would have chosen for me or the ones I love but they are the ones that have happened.  However I am learning that if change doesn't happen, life becomes stagnant and sometimes it just brings sadness and not the joy, peace or happiness we want …

New year, new day, new chances!

Its January 1st, what changes do you want to make in your life?  What do you want to start doing?  What do you want to stop doing?  There will never be a better day that now to make these changes.  It is day 1, new year, new month, new week, new day,  What is stopping you? My year for 2018 is "Change". Many changes need to be made.  Some will be easy, some will be hard, some will not be wanted and some will fall by the wayside.  But 2018 here I am and with God by my side I am going to face them all head on and in a year if I am sitting here I hope I have good reports to share.  I will proud of what I succeeded at forgive me and others for failures but I just want to be closer to where and what God wants me to be.   God bless and lets get this started!

10 Encouragements for the New Year!

Here are ten encouragements to inspire you to get a good grip on making improvements in your life this year. You already know these, but if you do them, all your other resolutions should fall into place.

1) Gather up all the negative events of the year now closing: its sins, weaknesses, and failures; its heartaches and griefs. All that filled your year.
2) Lay them at the foot of the Throne. Turn your back on them and leave them all there.
3) Stand bravely at the threshold of this New Year and expect to see it filled with amazing surprises and God’s promises.
4) Walk through the portal of the New Year unburdened, forgiven, and free.
5) Walk arm in arm with your Beloved Lord into the unknown of each new day.
6) Walk wherever the light of His love and protection guide you.
7) Spend time each day leaning upon the breast of your Beloved.
8) Share with Him all your heart’s desires and disappointments, all your joys and hurts, and He will share with you all His love, guidance, comfort, and …

Simple Womans Daybook for December 2018

For Today

Looking out my window... it is a beautiful winter day outside and very quiet

I am thinking... how can my son be 31 today?

I am thankful... that God listens and answers prayers and loves me even when I am not always where I need to be with Him

One of my favorite new Garmin fitbit my hubby got me for Christmas
I am wearing...sweats and Children's Miracle Hospital Tshirt
I am creating...plans to get my house and life in order for the New Year

I am watching...still watching Hallmark Christmas movies with Billy

I am reading... nothing other than my bible at the moment, going to be starting reading in Psalms in January with a group online
I am listening to... nothing at the moment

I am hoping... for God to answer prayers I am boldly praying right now for big needs

I am learning... how we have to make time for what is truly important and for me in the new year it will be God,me,Billy,kids, grandkids and then others

In the kitchen... new copper pots and pans and dishes and soon …

One Word 2018

Change is the word I feel the Lord is leading me to in 2018.  Change can be bad, change can be good but change will happen. There are changes I need to make in 2018 and I am looking to the Lord to see what and how this goes.  I appreciate prayers that I will make the ones I need to make.  Prayers that I will accept the things I can not change.  Prayers I will look to and lean on God in these changes.  This is my word and my prayer for 2018! What changes will you be making?   What one word will you choose or accept for 2018?

Making Blogging More Personal Again

I was reading on one of the blogs I read and she said that blogging has gotten really impersonal over the years and she wanted to bring it back to its roots.  She will be starting a new monthly feature where she will share what she is reading, watching on tv, what the kids are doing and just life as it happens.  This reminded me of why I began blogging.  I want to get back to this more personal side of blogging too. 

{Google Pic}
     Starting in December I will be doing at least one or more of these posts of just life in general.  It will be what happens at the Loves's from the front porch looking in. I hope you will join me for these and other posts as we get ready to go into a new year of life.  Feel free to comment and share what is going on in your world too. 
     I am excited to take my blog back and enjoy my time with it and hope that some of you will join me on this journey of life.

God bless,