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Redbirds and God!

     I have always loves cardinals or redbirds as I just called them.  I always thought they were so beautiful.  I went to a yardsale one time and I saw a book called "Redbirds, Rubies and Rainbows". Though I had never heard of the author, for a quarter, I thought it might be pretty good so I bought it. This book changed my life.

     I so many times felt alone and like God had forgot about me or wasn't hearing my prayers.  Little did I know, the number one problem was that I was not saved.  In this book, Mrs. Evans talks about her love of redbirds but not just the ones that fly.  To her redbirds are little blessings from God, it might be an unexpected blessing, an answered prayer or God showing her a real redbird right when she needed a touch from Him.  I started seeing all the "redbirds" in my own life, including a sweet lady named Carol Bridges who helped me to see I was not saved though I had made a profession as a child and led me to the Lord.  So many times right when I wanted to give up, God would give me a redbird and I would cling to it and God and always got through.  A couple of years later I was blessed to hear Mrs Evans speak on this very subject and was able to get her to sign my book which I thought was such a sweet blessing from God and definitely a redbird.
     Lately, I have been going through a lot of stuff and have felt kind of alone from God again.....seems like everything was going wrong, so stressed out, and like God was not hearing my prayers.  I know it is not God who has moved but me.  Yet I just could not seem to figure out what to do.  I really needed a touch from God or a redbird, but none seemed to be found.  Then, out of the blue, a friend gave me a gift, I opened the package and was so excited to see a redbird, until I took it out and this is what I found......
......the redbird was broken.  I asked God why would you give me a redbird that was broken.  I was so sad.  Then God said something that really made me stop and think......God said that redbird represents what you need to be. I prayed and said, "God you want me to be broken?"  He said, "Yes, you need to be broken, you need to need Me, let me lead you, help you."  I stopped to think and yes I have been trying to fix stuff and control it in my power.  I had so much of me in everything there was no room for a redbird from God.  I decided to keep the broken redbird to remind me that we need to let go and let God before He can bless us.  So, now I can't wait to see what redbirds God has for me, but this broken one may be my favorite so far in my life. 
     I hope God will show ya'll redbirds for your life too.

God bless,

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God bless,

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