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Journey Through Life-Putting all the Pieces of our Puzzle together Correctly

     Life is like a jigsaw puzzle-family, friends, jobs, commitments, even enemies are all pieces of your life.  When you are putting a puzzle together, you can't just scatter the pieces any where you please and put it together. You have to try and form smaller sections and then put the smaller pieces together to form bigger and bigger sections until the whole puzzle is put together.  
     If you put pieces in the wrong places then the puzzle can't be put together right.  If you try to put job pieces in family pieces, it won't work.  If you try to put enemies in your friends places it won't fit, problem is that sometimes they look the same but they are not so it is hard to figure out which is which.  Sometimes the enemies smile in your face as much as friends. How do you know which is which?
     What about God pieces?  Do you try to fit the God pieces in where you want or where He wants them to fit in your life best? 
Or do you look for where God wants to be in your life?  Sometimes I know I get so busy working for God that I feel like I have no time left to even be still long enough to see where He is in my life. 
How do you make time for God?  I long to have that close relationship with God.  I want to make sure I make time to not only read my bible and pray but to also listen to God and hear what He is trying to say to me.  I don't doubt my salvation but sometimes I do feel I have lost the joy of my salvation.  I have the spots I know where I think He fits in my life but I really need to be able to hear where He knows he fits in my life puzzle.

     I have discovered as I go along that life is a puzzle and I will spend my whole life completing the puzzle.  But I want to spend my time right now getting the important edges completed, the ones that help make a place for the rest to fit in to become the beautiful puzzle that God created me and my life to be. The edges should be God, then family and friends that support and believe in you.  As life goes along other pieces will fill in the spaces of your life.  Some will be random pieces, some big, some small, some pretty and some not but they will all help form your puzzle. You will also find some random pieces that you think go in your puzzle but you may find they got in your puzzle by mistake and you have to take them out to make room for the ones that really belong in your puzzle.
I am still sorting through the pieces of my life and figuring out the pieces that fit and the ones I may have been mistaken about. I am trying to make sure God and the ones who truly care are in their right spots and maybe if I get those in the right places it will all come out good in my puzzle of life.
How is your life puzzle coming together?


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