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Soul Surfer-Yes or No? This is my opinion

There is a very popular movie out right now called "Soul Surfer".  It basically tells the story of Bethany Hamilton.  She lost an arm as a 13 year old surfer from a shark attack.  This is the story of how she overcome and returned to surfing.  
This movie is being shown in several churches to their teens.  It is touted as a christian movie. I was really excited when I first heard about it and was thinking, great, a movie we can see as a family but after watching the trailer and learning more, we will not be seeing this movie. 
Now I may offend some in what I am about to say but this is as the blog post title says MY opinion.  I will not be taking my teenage son to see this movie.   After seeing the trailer for the movie,  I knew it was not for us. Now, as for being a christian movie, I did not see alot of that.  From ones who have seen it, there are a couple of scenes where they pray and I think maybe a couple of bible verses referenced.  There is one scene where she sneaks out of the house very late at night.  Moma tries to discuss this with her but she in turn says she snuck out because Moma would have just said no.  Daddy then pretty much backs up the daughter.  I do not want my child thinking he can play me and his Dad against each other and it is okay.
This is not what upset me though, what bothers me is the lack of clothing in this movie, the whole movie is pretty much on the beach and bikinis are everywhere, some very tiny.  Also there is one scene where she changes clothes on the beach hid only by some held up towels while teenage boys are making catcalls as they watch what they know she is doing.  
I just cannot take my son in good conscious to see this movie. I did not write this to offend anyone but rather to state my opinion and maybe make someone think.   Each family has to make their own decisions and I will not be mad at anyone who does go to see it but just felt the need to share my opinion as to why we won't.
God bless,
PS Please vote in my poll on the side as to yes or no for your family, it is anonymous so no one will know how you vote, thanks!

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God bless,

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