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Simple Woman's Daybook March 16th

For Today...March 16th
Outside my window... it has been sunny and warm and almost like spring
I am thinking...  about my fairy garden and how I am going to do it this year, accidentally left it outside too long in the winter and it died
Also bought this for my almost 5 year old granddaughter who wants a garden party for her birthday and this is her present from me and Papaw
I am thankful... that I have friends I can count on even in the midnight hour
I am wearing... jeans and a red tshirt
I am creating...  plans for a Mom's meeting with a sarcoidosis theme
I am going... to enjoy this week, the grands are out of school for spring break
I am wondering... if I will be able to get my "free" bike fixed so I can ride this summer, it is one of the old school bikes but it needs some tender loving care
I am reading... 
About the book:
Author: J. B. Simmons
Book: The Omega Trilogy (Book One)
Genre: Hybrid fantasy/sci-fi/End-times/Thriller/Christian.
Elijah Goldsmith has nightmares he needs to ignore. Why would a rich kid from Manhattan dream three straight nights about a dragon and the destruction of St. Peter’s Basilica? He’s never even been to Rome. It’s bad timing, too. He’s graduating soon and applying to be a spy in the International Security Agency. That’s where he meets Naomi. She’s the kind of girl who makes boys like Elijah want to share their secrets. Were they brought together to learn what his secrets mean? There’s more to their sparks than they think. This is 2066, the year the world ends.
I read this copy in/on:in exchange for my unbiased review
but you can buy it on 
My personal thoughts on this book/magazine: This is not a book I would want to read but I did appreciate the opportunity to try it
I am hoping... for the weather to not be too stormy this spring, we live in tornado alley
I am learning... that I need to rest physically, mentally and spiritually
I am pondering... how we can get the back yard fixed to be more of a place we will use
In my kitchen...I made turkey burgers since it was just me and Billy and we weren't too hungry
In My Garden...
nothing at the moment but I am hoping to have a salad garden this summer
A favorite quote for today...Bless and be blessed by blessing others for no reason other than to be a blessing and expecting nothing in return
A peek into one of my days...

One of my favorite things... 
From the board room... 
Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves You!

God bless,

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